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The Matter with Zion

If Zion would not change her heart through preventive measures, then The Surgeon will change it by corrective measures . . .



The argument on the state of the church is really not much to debate. Those who understand the times would know that whatever is happening now has been long coming. Somehow, we have tasted the pleasures of the city and the consecration that the mountain of the LORD’s house requires has become too lofty for us to aspire to. Instead for us to humble ourselves and return to the LORD, in humility and fresh devotion to Him, we have been busy mastering the ‘balance’ between the presence of the LORD and fields that produce choice wines.

What is happening in the body of Christ is not unknown to the LORD; His quietness about them is what should spur those with fleshy hearts to repentance and restoration. When the LORD seems quiet, it is dangerous to assume that all is well.

“For so the LORD said to me, “I will take…

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For any change to happen according to GOD’s design there are processes of encounter that must serve as precedence and as time goes by, the point of encounter becomes the platform upon which change originates from and sustained. This place of encounter is the heart of man, the only place GOD desires to dwell apart from heaven. This is where GOD desires to encounter man and from there, HE would begin to wrought works that are holy and perfect and able to proffer lasting solutions in form of righteousness and peace.

As much as GOD wants to inhabit every heart by changing them to its specifications, HE desires something much more and that is the hearts that have not been tainted by impurities and filthiness of this world; the hearts of children that are naturally malleable and can be formed according to HIS utmost desires.

These are the Little CASTLEs – The altars of GOD that is pure enough to embody HIS Glory in a manner that has never been seen or experienced before. GOD looked and could only see these hearts as the custodians of the glorious future HE had designed even before the beginning of the earth.

So GOD is saying the guardians of The Little CASTLEs that HE does not want them to be shaped according to the devices and idiosyncrasies of men but the Truth of the Word of GOD which is the natural embodiment of GOD’s Glory and Majesty – as small as this CASTLEs are, HE has decided to make them as HIS abode and BUILDing them must be according to HIS specifications so they can be fit for Glory.

The dynamics is that these Little CASTLEs grow in leaps and bounds as per the rate the ONE who lives in them desires at any point in time. Unlike other bogus castles, The Little CASTLEs are living buildings and they grow in Grace and Truth simultaneously.

GOD is longing to raise a generation that will begin to move and grow according to HIS pure dictates and commands . . . growing only in the knowledge of GOD without any inclusion of the knowledge of“good and evil” that always makes man to hide from the presence of GOD.


The Expediency of Time

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Many times the real enemy in life is our understanding of grace. . . that there would always be another opportunity do things right. Unfortunately, it is usually a rude awakening to discover that though grace abounds always, time is a resource that is expendable. It is not impossible for an 80year old to dream running a marathon; still, he or she would have to run it through others.

There are no limits to the power of God’s mercies to turn around an impossible situation. Still, God is justified if He chooses not to intervene in matters for which He adequately made provision and direction available for. If the LORD has a thing in mind concerning you, submit to Him while you still have time and your resistance of the devil will be effective. God’s design has night and day in it; there is no such thing as indefinite dispensation…

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The Truth which is a crucial element that serves as the driving force behind all that we do in life and there are many dimensions that constitute to its definition. But in a very simple and clear term, truth can be defined as the reality as it is/should be.

This definition suggests that Truth is a reality and its dimensions are functions of the questions: What? Who? Why? Where? When? How?

Any reality must have these dimensions of reality embedded within it. Failure to address each dimension accordingly is synonymous to living a lie. So if you provide adequate response to all questions but one, you are already manufacturing a lie even when you do not know it.

The arrangement of these dimensions is dependent on the situation to be addressed. If the truth is a complete reality, then everything must be in place in order to facilitate a result that cannot be overturned i.e. (established and sustained).

Little wonder JESUS could not be overturned because HE is Truth personified. HE knows all the whats and hows of any condition or situation. As a matter of emphasis, HE is the ONE that factors all these dimensions of reality because they emanated and still emanates from HIM. HE is the reality GOD wants for everyone.

The real nature of Truth is absolute and anything less is falsehood. Homogeneity is what gives Truth its power i.e. intolerance to anything that is not pertaining to its make-up. The potency and sustainability power of the Truth is in the ability to stay as it is in any circumstance – Integrity

So the question needed to be asked is: “What is the relationship between Truth and Diplomacy?”

Diplomacy is explained as negotiation between nations; subtly skillful handling of a situation; and the wisdom in the management of public affairs.

These definitions have been interpreted and used falsely to create or foster false peace that cannot put a terminal end to violence that is prevalent in our world today. Diplomacy has become a tool for  misrepresenting the truth . . . no one sees it as a priority or the need to ensure that the dimensions of reality are addressed with integrity.

Every nation only attends to these dimensions of reality based on what they want others to believe. So they deliberately create a false reality. This unwholesome and wicked act is what is now commonly known as diplomacy. Diplomacy has been wrongly refined and redefined to be the process of bastardizing the truth in the bid to get the best out of negotiations.

Due to the homogeneous nature of the Truth, any bastardized Truth cannot be sustained no matter how skillful the bastardization is being done. The skillfulness or wisdom in Truth may either jeopardize or enforce its potency based on the motive behind its dissemination.

Truly, Diplomacy is simply the wisdom in sharing or the dissemination of the truth without diminishing its potency. If the truth is knowledge or a form of information, diplomacy is the wisdom or skillfulness for passing it across in a way that will reach out to the targeted audience positively even when the Truth is against them. Nevertheless, it is best to say the Truth simply as it is!

Many times, the energy used in distorting the Truth or crafting a lie is the same energy used in deploying its application strategically. It is a total waste of time, energy and resources if all we do is make people accept these lies that the world is portraying as The Truth.


The Death of True Worship and the Birth of Sacrifice

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For a while, many things, as pertaining to the House of the LORD, has burdened my heart; unfortunately, I have not been able to put them down in words because I do not write unless I am inspired so to do. While the Most High desires and seeks out His own to be with Him in true fellowship, we have somehow replaced that fellowship with sacrifices to God, as one far away from Him, seeking His face and hands for things we are unable to handle within our powers.

It is easy to be with God, except that what it entails are seemingly too difficult to attain for His people.

“Who shall ascend unto the hills of the LORD, or who may stand in His holy place? He, who has clean hands, and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, nor sworn deceitfully.


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10 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Babylon’s Declaration

Daniel 3: 28-30


In the end, GOD’s declaration would not even be from our mouth but from that of those who were out to destroy us. GOD is taking us to that point where we only answer to HIM even in the confines of the Laws of GOD and men.

There will come a time when heads of government will declare the sovereignty of GOD. Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of the world posed as the adversary to the three Hebrews but GOD in His greatness set a table for them before him and all he could do with all his power was to proclaim the greatness of the LORD of those he opposed. The glory of GOD thrives more in persecution.

When tribulation works out perseverance; and perseverance works out character, the hope that never disappoints is a result of the character of CHRIST we have cultivated through this process. Even though the situation seems hopeless, the hope that our character of CHRIST worked out can never disappoint us. This is because CHRIST in us is the Hope of Glory . . . i.e. it is the character of CHRIST in us that makes us hope for HIM even till the end.



09 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Babylon’s Assault And GOD’s Defence

Daniel 3: 19-27.

Evidently, all that has been happening can be best described as war!

This war had been brewing within since the day we started our pilgrimage journey even in the wilderness of the world but one day, it would evidently manifest and our abject refusal would always spark rage and persecution.

But as the war rages, we must know that it is never our fight but GOD’s. Our responsibility is to worship GOD in obedience to His commands! When the war finally comes, GOD will surely fight His battle. GOD has been our reason for everything and even when everything is against us, the same GOD would be our reason for victory and HE will take the Glory!



08 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Babylon’s Threat And Zion’s Response

Daniel 3: 13-18.
Threat does not initially come as threat but as reasoning with the LORD’s people, showing them what they stand to gain in the process of their involvement and the repercussion of not complying will be suggested in a civil manner. It is possible that some people give in to these witty reasoning but those who have resigned all to GOD in worship would never change the direction of their worship away from GOD.
Because of their understanding of what is happening and what the end result will be, they would decline this proposal that has been fortified with subtle threats but their refusal is not primarily based on their understanding but on their total trust and unchanging allegiance to GOD even if HE will not save them from the danger ahead. This is Devotion!
GOD is the reason why we are where we are and HE must also be the reason for all we do. Our motive is GOD and GOD alone. Trusting HIM till death is a perfect example of giving our lives to HIM . . .