Relativity of Normal . . .

“What is normal to you may not be normal to me” This is one of the common sentences that arise whenever there is an argument or a misunderstanding between people of different and diverse view of life.

But the real question should be to ask and inquire what is normal to GOD. What does GOD see as normal or abnormal?

I recently discovered through the help of the HOLY SPIRIT that part of Psalms23 that says “HE restores my soul” is pointing to the mindset of GOD that was taking from him long ago during the fall of Adam and ultimately the splitting that occurred at Babel.

Now people see other sets of people as abnormal because they do not conform or agree to their beliefs. In fact, there are many beliefs that people are no longer united in aim and objectives. Each set now have sets of aims and objectives based on what they perceive as normal.

There is a different set of people that other sets agree unanimously about their abnormality and this is the set that dares and thrive to be restored to the original mindset GOD had for everyone.

I discovered that as the HOLY SPIRIT enlightens our hearts and minds, we are restored to the mind of CHRIST to an appreciable degree. But as we cultivate the mind of CHRIST and conform to it in the process, people with other mindsets see us as abnormal set of people even as we conform to the right mindset.

The fall of Adam and the coming together of the people in Babel are the major causes of abnormality the world refers to as normal. But by the HOLY SPIRIT, we can come together again but unto a holy cause so that we can be restored to the Garden of GOD.

Peace To The Wise!


Brother like a friend. Friend like a brother

Proverbs 18:24

I believe that the Bible is rounded but verses like this always make me believe more that the Bible is the manual needed to search out how GOD wants us to live.

When the Bible says there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, then there should also be a brother that plays or relates with one than a friend would . . . It goes for both side and that is GOD’s design for us for not being lonely 🙂 . Which means when you are away from home, there are people that you would see as family but are not really your biological family. When you are with them, you miss your biological family a lot less. This is not to say you do not like your family anymore but that you have nurtured a relationship somewhere that makes you feel what you feel at home.

And the same goes for when we are at home. The relationship between our family members must be one that is not too shrewd but gives room for guided individual expressions that one enjoys outside home. Whenever we are away from friends, home you should be where to feel what we always feel when we are with friends.

Moving up the ladder, parents are supposed to be the children’s disciplers I.e. they should be the first to initiate a discipleship relationship with their children before they experience the ones outside. And also dsciplers outside are also meant to take the proper roles of parents though they are not biological parents. When parents take the role of disciplers as part of the roles, disciplers must also take the role of parents as part of the roles.

But there is a relationship that one should endeavour to start/maintain and that is the fellowship relationship with GOD. HE is indeed a friend that sticks closer than the skin when we give HIM the space HE requires to fellowship with us. With HIM, no loneliness can override the feeling that HE is with us and we are in HIM. HE is a Brother (JESUS), Friend (HOLY SPIRIT) and Father (GOD).

Peace To The Wise!

Micah 4: 1-5

When I was reading these passages and I got to the part that says nations will stream into the mountain of the LORD. As I was ruminating on the text, I remember one of my earlier posts about channel and valves that are supposed to direct people and not necessarily control them.

Which confirms that for people to flow into the mountain of the LORD there must be channels/pipes and valves that are responsible for leading people to that mountain without veering away from the path GOD has chosen for people to follow . . .

The channels are people dedicated to teaching the ways of the LORD to those that are thirsty for GOD for how will people flow into it without a designed channel for that main purpose. Perhaps the reason why nations have never been flowing is because there are no enough channels that should be responsible for leading people in that right way that leads to the LORD’s House . . .

Peace To The Wise!

Earth. Water. Fire. Wind

Here is the mystery that lies in GOD’s creation:

GOD formed man from moisten earth and gave him the breath of life . . . But whenever he wants to purify and strengthen HE uses fire.

Even after making a man with earth which signifies the flesh, he nourish him with water which is the WORD (which is also the spirit and life) and solidify him with experiences and hardship that comes his way and that signifies fire. And after all these, HE now directs and controls him wherever HE wants him to go.

These are the elements of life that some people have twisted for their unholy purposes but it is actually the spiritual essence of it that GOD is interested. That a man of flesh will subject himself to the WORD of GOD and endure hard times without compromise and even after his triumph by scaling through and becoming stronger, he will still submit to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT (John3:8).

To every earth there must be some moisture content and this is what will be operating in the earth before the rain comes upon the earth. Which means that the first fruitfulness of man is willing and yielding to GOD, expecting showers of rain to add to what is already inside of him . . .

Peace To The Wise!

To control and to direct . . .

Though there is much similarity between controlling and directing, they are also different in some ways.

It is always necessary to control our environment by making sure unwanted things are not present in there; there is need to control animals, machines and even to control one’s body when necessary. But you are not meant to take control of human being! You are only meant to direct and make good use of their potentials.

Like a scalar and vector quantity so is a man with potential and no direction differs from a man with potential and sense of direction. A follower is like a water flowing vigorously or gently through a channel and it is the responsibility of a leader to direct this kinetic energy into something useful.

The speed of the water should be controlled if it would lead to waste and destruction but when the water is at the normal and reasonable speed, all the leader needs to do is to give it a sense of direction so all its energy can be utilised for the greater good.

To every man, there is a purpose and the role of the leader does not go beyond putting the follow on the path to fulfilling that purpose for no man should control the course another man’s life.

As GOD is only the one to be in control of mankind, so are we only to be in control of things around us that are not human. The best a man can do is to make a scalar-man a vectorial man. A man’s magnitude should not be tampered; one can only help another to discover strength but not try and increase or decrease it for everything we need has been coded in us and all we need is to discover.

The leader is like the channel with valves at each junction which are meant to control or direct the waters. The leader knowing the true way will guide the followers to the place he has been, shadowing the attributes of CHRIST.

A man can be controlled only if he is going aimlessly to doom without knowing it. So control is the last thing to resort to in governing people for our primary role is to direct people and lead them to follow the right way and this is meant for those that are already walking in that path . . .

Peace To The Wise!

The Bible is not hypocritical . . .

Have you ever wondered that the Bible is not a record of good deeds and exploits of fathers faith in the old testament and fellow saints who had gone before us after the death of CHRIST?

It is so that we might know that they are no more different than us; they are not angels or ancients of days; they are weak and feeble as we are today but what made them stand out is their yieldedness to GOD.

So the Bible should be everyone’s favourite because in it lies the good, bad and and the ugly, all working together to bring forth the Glory of GOD and teach us how to initiate a cordial relationship with GOD. Even the so called excessive punishment of GOD upon HIS people were not exempted for the purpose of trying to paint GOD good before unbelievers.

This cannot be said for government and institutions of this present time. Everybody is busy writing his story like he is the good guy, thereby neglecting his evil deeds or painting it as necessary evil. If we are to be always biased then we must not endeavour to write a story about ourselves or situations around us.

Biographies are meant to summarise the entirety of a man’s existence and not emphasise on his good deeds and neglecting bad deeds or painting it as good for this is only a caricature of the real story and it is always meant to mislead people rather than edify which is the original intent.

Peace To The Wise!

Product. Process. Creation. Process. Product

There is one thing I discovered in life and it is both applicable in our walk with GOD and our response to issues and our ability to make research.

Most of the times, GOD always attract people by showing them signs and wonders that prove that indeed HE is GOD. After these supernatural incidence, each beneficiary is meant to be inquire and go deeper than just enjoying the blessings but striving to know the root of the blessing.

GOD started from creation and furthered by process till HE arrived at the product and rest. But man on the other hand is meant to be curious about what made the product what it is and trace it down to the process and the creation where it all began. It is when man has grasped to reasonable extent what GOD had done that he can now replicate this feat (by the help of the HOLY SPIRIT). He will not only be a beneficiary but a blessing himself; his will be able to function in the likeness of GOD.

The same with education/discipleship. Students are meant to be taken through process of a particular occurrence down to the root cause and this can only be done when subjects that are interwoven are merged together so that students can get full grasp of what initialise a particular product. From that initial point, the students can start to create and process an idea into a product.

The same with mentorship/discipleship; disciplers are not meant to make the disciples follow their dreams but only teach them the principles behind being successful in chasing one’s dream. The principles are immutable and cannot be likened to experience for experience is only the aggregate of a man’s response to issues pertaining his dream. So let no one make his experience a principle for people to study but as an example that aligns with the immutable principles. These principles are the foundation upon which all standard examples are based.

Peace To The Wise!