Transcendal Relationship of the Body, Mind and Spirit

The world system (which is an aggregate of people’s response to issues in the environment) has segregated and separated what makes up a wholesome man so as to limit the effectiveness and productivity of man in GOD.

We have those that are mainly spiritual or intellectual or physical/practical. This is not supposed to be!

Even in all these, there is transcendal relationship between the body and the mind, mind and the spirit. Though this order is not bad, there is a more productive relationship that promotes man’s utility of GOD’s endowments.

The transcendal relationship begins from doing physical work/ labour. Many labourers, skilled or unskilled only use their mind when they encounter difficulties. Their minds only improve when they encounter problems.

Many intellectuals after exhausting the mental capacity consult their inner being, knowingly or unknowingly. It is only when they encounter blockade that they resign to the spiritual even when they do not know. They go deep into their inner insight. Some say they followed their hearts.

But those who lay hold on the spiritual often stay almost void of intellect and skill. The most advantaged now is the most disadvantaged because of improper use of his advantage. The order of a man should be spirit over man, man over matter . . .

The transcendal relationship is not ideal. You cannot transcend accurately from body to mind or mind to the spirit. Reverse the transcendal relationship and everything would be straightened up under GOD.

Peace To The Wise!


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