Micah 4: 1-5

When I was reading these passages and I got to the part that says nations will stream into the mountain of the LORD. As I was ruminating on the text, I remember one of my earlier posts about channel and valves that are supposed to direct people and not necessarily control them.

Which confirms that for people to flow into the mountain of the LORD there must be channels/pipes and valves that are responsible for leading people to that mountain without veering away from the path GOD has chosen for people to follow . . .

The channels are people dedicated to teaching the ways of the LORD to those that are thirsty for GOD for how will people flow into it without a designed channel for that main purpose. Perhaps the reason why nations have never been flowing is because there are no enough channels that should be responsible for leading people in that right way that leads to the LORD’s House . . .

Peace To The Wise!


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