Master and Servant . . .

master and servant

When JESUS was telling HIS Disciples that the servant is not higher than the master which is appropriately interpreted that the Disciples’ perfection is to be just like JESUS and nothing further . . .

But it is not the same with relationships we experience between the servants and masters of this world. Many servants upon gaining freedom from their masters thrive more and are more successful than their masters.

And I perceive that some masters could possibly hold on to the fact that JESUS was quoted to said that a servant cannot be more than his master . . . I perceive this statement is only between our discipleship relationship with CHRIST for whether one is a slave/servant or a master, we are all equal before GOD.

It should even be a thing of enormous joy that someone whom GOD had made to be under our tutelage is even thriving better than we do . . . JESUS even told the Disciples that they shall do more signs and wonders than HE had done. Which attests to the truth that whatever GOD has instructed us to do is the same with whatever GOD instructed another to do so far they are both obeying GOD to detail. The magnitude of the works can mean something to men but it is always the same to GOD.

So doing more works than one’s earthly master GOD has assigned us to may basically mean that the works have increased more than in the days of our earthly masters. So no servant should boast of doing more works than his servant and no master must short change/limit GOD’s grace over his servant because he is afraid of being under the shadow of the same servant.

Peace To The Wise!


HOLY SPIRIT Teaches All Things . . .

Just last week, I was conversing with my Oga-AWED and he told me about how GOD wanted him to not attend any secular education apart from his secondary education.

That got me thinking about the epistle of john to the Church about allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to teach them all things . . . The “all” was not basically for the Christian issues alone but all things; be it spiritual or social.

They call it world education so what about the KINGDOM Education I.e. education according to the Word of GOD that is responsible for cultivating the KINGDOM Culture . . . Now, I also understand why the Priests and the Pharisees were amazed at the words coming out of the mouth of JESUS’ disciples because they were not educated people in their sight. Their teacher was the HOLY SPIRIT that illuminated their hearts and made them knowledgeable in the things that were unclear to them.

So now I am starting to incline to the truth that whatever I need to do can be taught to me by the HOLY SPIRIT if I am willing and patient enough to wait for and upon HIM. This seems vague and unrealistic but I am convinced bt reason of belief that it is “The Way” . . . For it is not by power, might or wisdom of this world but HIS Love, Power and Sound Mind (Wisdom).

Peace To The Wise!

Renewal of The Heart . . .

As I was reading about the heart and how it works I discovered it is the same with happens in our fellowship/communion with the HOLY SPIRIT.

It is as we go out doing what the FATHER business that stains of this world cling to our hearts and minds and only the blood of JESUS that is served free on the communion table that will serve as a cleansing for us after we have come back from executing HIS Kingdom.

As we encounter different issues during our expeditions, we come back to the presence of the LORD for illuminations on these issues so that our mind can think accurately whenever such issues present themselves again . . . As the circulation of the blood in and out of the heart, so is our walk with GOD. When we go out, it is mainly to work with HIM but when we come back to fellowship with HIM, it is like walking before HIM so that HE can behold/inspect us in order to see what has gone wrong with us and profer a definite solution.

Peace To The Wise!

Non-profit: Non-Monetary

I am a lover of non-profit or not-for-profit organizations but somwthing dropped into my heart some weeks ago about what we really mean by saying one organization is not meant for profit for the main goal of all organizations is to make profit in one manner or the other. Then it did not take me time to figure out that due to the loss of value in our community, we have devalued everything to money.

So people boast of not doing somethings for money after they must have amassed wealth for themselves. Some also use this same platform to get connections so as to make money; they see non-profit platform as a way of appealing to people as regards what they could have achieved if money were to be involved.

I must say that what we call non-profit organization should be changed to not-money-driven organization for whether a man makes money or not, so far he is doing his duties efficiently and people are blessed by it and blessing others the same way they have been blessed, the man is already a profitable man. Which means that whenever we are given a job to do, doing it for the purpose to be achieved should be the main motivation and not the pay packet that comes at the end of the day/week/month. Our lives collectively and individually should be profit-driven and not monetary-driven.

To cap it all, remember what JESUS said about the Kingdom of GOD: HE said we must first seek it before everything can be added unto us. And the Kingdom of GOD is Peace, Righteousness and Joy in the HOLY SPIRIT. So ensuring these three is the first thing that we should labour towards before HE can give us what we desire. And the same should go for our daily and social lives: we must first seek to achieve the organization’s goal and objectives before what is promised comes as a default. Our lives are profit-driven and substituting profit solely for money is what has devalued stewardship both in the Church and the Nations.

Peace To The Wise!

Beauty of Life . . .

Many will expect that anyone who wants to talk or write about the beauty of life should base it on a profound introduction and well composed and arranged message.

As all of these are necessary, the bottom life is that the beauty of Life is simply the glory of GOD. The flowers, animals, birds, sea creatures are here to add beauty to life because GOD made it so from the beginning.

The beauty of Life is not the serenity of our environment or the wealth of our nations. It is not how smooth and nice our lives have become or how comfortable live has become for us.

The beauty of Life is that everything that is here on earth is functioning for the glory of GOD whether good or evil. The beauty of life is that whatever HE says comes to pass and it is always for the good.

And if we are to view it in another perspective of creation, GOD created heaven and earth which signifies the life in heaven and the one on earth. If we say life is beautiful, it means that the creator of Life has something to offer than life. HE is more than the beauty of the Life we so much adore and desire. And to buttress it all, all that we see and call beautiful are results or manifestation of the spoken Words of GOD and this ultimately means that the beauty of Life lies in the source that birthed it; and the source is the Word and the Word is also GOD . . .

The Beauty of Life lies in GOD. The Beauty of Life is GOD HIMSELF.

Peace To The Wise!

Redesigning For Change Of Nurture . . .

I wrote about GOD’s anatomy of man but I must admit that I was not so thorough in my details.

But recently, something came into my mind like a prayer request and it is that GOD should reset or redesign my system in tandem to HIS purpose and schedule for my life. Which means that I want to wake when HE wants me to wake and sleep whenever HE desires me to do so.

And this cannot happen unless my nurture is as a result of HIS care and fathering. HE must father me in a different manner to that of the fatherings I have been receiving from my father, mentors, disciplers and “fathers of faith”. HE must be the one instituting deeds and actions in my life; allowing me to fall and make mistakes that I may be perfect in HIM.

Nature and nurture must not be contradictory! When we receive the nature of the redeemed man, nurture of the redeemed man must be present in order to facilitate the wholesomeness of the redeemed man. The GOD’s anatomy of man in view is that of the man GOD recognised his nature as HIS own. And as vague as it seems, it cuts through every known facet of life imaginable and unimaginable.

When GOD wants a man, HE wants him totally- in both nature and nurture.

Peace To The Wise!

Adams Are Now Blamers Rather Than Doers

Many things have gone wrong in the society as regards men in this same society. They are now known to relax when the women are busy doing what the men had abandoned for a very long time because they have become lackadaisical and not interested in their duties any more.

Remember what happened in the beginning? Adam was nowhere to be found when Eve was roaming the Garden of Eden doing what Adam could have been doing. And this was the loophole the serpent was waiting for; a slight distortion in the order of things and deeds. Carefully observing the couple and realized there was a loophole he could capitalise on, he wasted no time in exploiting this negligible error.

Eve, for the reason of not being wired as Adam, could not stand the temptation of the serpent for she was not mean to be the protector or the guardian of the garden and everything that lied in it for that particular role is meant for Adam by design but he was found wanting in his duties . . . Because he had a soft spot for his flesh, he also subscribed to satan’s offer through Eve.

One thing he did which annoyed GOD was the truth that what GOD made for him to make his better and not lonely was his excuse for falling to temptation. This means that he first blamed GOD for giving him a help meet; for making a companion out of his own self that he may be with someone who was also him. He later blamed his wife for failing at what he was meant to excel in doing.

The story of Adam and Eve is typical to many men of the house nowadays: they refused to take responsibilities but when the women fail in trying to do what the men are meant to excel in doing, they begin to make a mess of the situation instead of waking up from their second, self-imposed and unnecessary deep sleep and fixing the matter that is about to be unredeemable before GOD. When the children misbehave and made a mess of the family name you would hear the man say “you and your mother” like the mother is the only parent responsible for the upbringing or the leader of the home. They pose as absentee until everything approached decadence before they show to point accusing fingers on the one who had been faithfully doing what they failed to succeed in because they failed to do.

Peace To The Wise!