Living Tomorrow Today . . .

It is not a feeling of grandeur or conspiracy when I say that the present situation is not pleasant to GOD in many ways. HE is waiting for that time that had already been set when people will please HIM by default though it is by choice. Their choice would be to have no choice other than to please HIM all the time.

David, Daniel, Micah, Ezekiel, Peter, Paul, and John were among those who lived their lives as the Testimony of CHRIST. All/Most of their actions and responses were based on witnessing JESUS. People thought they were crazy and out of their minds but the Spirit of the LORD witnessed CHRIST and gave them the assurance of eternity.

People called them crazy because they refused to live a rotten presence by living a glorious future even in their own present times. These people were living in GOD’s present which to the world and complacent disciples was the future that never came or was distant from their today. It is better to live in the future now than to live in the present that GOD has abandoned.

But there will come, a time when GOD will change the order of thing by making corrections to the offsets between the earth and HIS Heavenly Kingdom. Though it is a restoration of balance between the Heaven and the earth, the world would see it as chaos and only those who are living tomorrow today that would be left untouched no matter how severe the chaos may seem to be. In fact, they will benefit from this chaos while others are wasting away. It is not that GOD is unjust. No! HE is only responding to people according to their choices!

Peace To The Wise!


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