Do not stay there . . . Move!

Many people of the former generation have made a mistake of staying in a place even when things are not fruitful. . . They just stay there because they fear what the future holds for them if they abandon their current position.

This issue has made many people stereotypic and keeps them from journey to their Canaan land. Some that are privileged build a castle for themselves while those that are not privileged accept fate and make struggle their daily bread.

What GOD desires for us is that we journey through this life till we end up in our Canaan and begin to do that which GOD desires for us in that particular place.

In the Bible there accounts of people being under a ruler and an apprentice under a master. There is none of these examples that the people did not move out from the grasp of the ruler or receive “freedom” from their master. Even JESUS only discipled the disciples for 3.5 years before HE died, resurrected and ascended into Heaven.

GOD in any way does not encourage servitude and will never do. HE instructs people to move out when it is time and showed HIS against any master or ruler who failed to release HIS people. HE also made things hard for HIS people if they are to convenient in what they see as Canaan but it’s actually Goshen.

GOD desires fruitfulness for HIS in diverse manners; HE is not a stereotypical GOD who keeps people for doing the same thing all over again just for the saje of survival. GOD is never interested in making a set of people self-sufficient alone but rather, HE desires that they be a source of blessing to other set of people. So after delivering them from their ruler or instructing their master to release them, it is not so that they should camp midway and begin to fend for themselves or depend solely on the milk of GOD.

Peace To The Wise!


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