HE Sees the Heart . . .

The story of Paul made me realize that GOD is more interested in the heart than religion. HE is not concerned with rite or rituals but with the condition of the hearts of men.

Paul was very keen on persecuting the apostles because that was what he was taught from the beginning and he was found to be a faithful follower though his disciplers are full of conceit and evil.

It also occurred to me that people like Martin Luther King, Zwingli, John Calvin and so on, are once faithful to their cause until the light of GOD was shed upon their faithful heart and they were able to know the truth that set them free from the locks of false doctrines and practices.

In turn, they did all their possible best by the help of GOD to set others free from the same bondage they were free from. So do not blame a man who is loyal to his cause from the beginning even till now. By definition of a sinner and saint, they are saints because they do not stop to do what they believe ardently in their hearts and with time, GOD will encounter them and make them HIS own fully.

Peace To The Wise!


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