Should There Be Mysteries of GOD?

Many people still wonder how Adam did it; how he named each and every animal GOD created before HE created him in HIS own image and after HIS own likeness.

Adam was living a normal life though to us now it is a mystery how he lived and he was keen in naming Eve and calling her a woman.

A mystery is a mystery because its truth is hidden from man and only who live above the realm of flesh can access the realm of the spirit where mysteries abound. It occurs to me that what we call mysteries are actually what GOD has prepared for man to live as HE desires him to live. As man fell short of the glory of GOD by disobedience, HE could no longer trust him with these things.

So as man gets close to GOD by obeying HIS commands, the mysteries of GOD will become natural or normal to him. he begins to live in that realm of live Adam was living before eating the forbidden fruit of good and evil. And that is why man needs restoration through JESUS CHRIST. GOD desires that we live above survival but in exploit and conquest of the things HE had created for our pleasures and HIS pleasures.

Actually, GOD derives pleasure from how we utilize whatever HE gives to us to control or manage. When Adam named every animal and plant, GOD did not feel bad because Adam was actually doing what GOD would have done. It is in that we are doing GOD’s will by choice and not by compulsion that gives HIM pleasure and delight.

HE is looking for people that will come close to HIS Garden once again and live the live HE had purposed for us before the beginning. Mysteries are only mysteries because we are falling short of HIS glory; because we are not at peace with. Get close to GOD so that HE can get close to. HE loves us but sin has separated us from HIM so depart from sin and you would witness firsthand how infinite HIS Love is to you!

Peace To The Wise!


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