Adams Are Now Blamers Rather Than Doers

Many things have gone wrong in the society as regards men in this same society. They are now known to relax when the women are busy doing what the men had abandoned for a very long time because they have become lackadaisical and not interested in their duties any more.

Remember what happened in the beginning? Adam was nowhere to be found when Eve was roaming the Garden of Eden doing what Adam could have been doing. And this was the loophole the serpent was waiting for; a slight distortion in the order of things and deeds. Carefully observing the couple and realized there was a loophole he could capitalise on, he wasted no time in exploiting this negligible error.

Eve, for the reason of not being wired as Adam, could not stand the temptation of the serpent for she was not mean to be the protector or the guardian of the garden and everything that lied in it for that particular role is meant for Adam by design but he was found wanting in his duties . . . Because he had a soft spot for his flesh, he also subscribed to satan’s offer through Eve.

One thing he did which annoyed GOD was the truth that what GOD made for him to make his better and not lonely was his excuse for falling to temptation. This means that he first blamed GOD for giving him a help meet; for making a companion out of his own self that he may be with someone who was also him. He later blamed his wife for failing at what he was meant to excel in doing.

The story of Adam and Eve is typical to many men of the house nowadays: they refused to take responsibilities but when the women fail in trying to do what the men are meant to excel in doing, they begin to make a mess of the situation instead of waking up from their second, self-imposed and unnecessary deep sleep and fixing the matter that is about to be unredeemable before GOD. When the children misbehave and made a mess of the family name you would hear the man say “you and your mother” like the mother is the only parent responsible for the upbringing or the leader of the home. They pose as absentee until everything approached decadence before they show to point accusing fingers on the one who had been faithfully doing what they failed to succeed in because they failed to do.

Peace To The Wise!


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