Beauty of Life . . .

Many will expect that anyone who wants to talk or write about the beauty of life should base it on a profound introduction and well composed and arranged message.

As all of these are necessary, the bottom life is that the beauty of Life is simply the glory of GOD. The flowers, animals, birds, sea creatures are here to add beauty to life because GOD made it so from the beginning.

The beauty of Life is not the serenity of our environment or the wealth of our nations. It is not how smooth and nice our lives have become or how comfortable live has become for us.

The beauty of Life is that everything that is here on earth is functioning for the glory of GOD whether good or evil. The beauty of life is that whatever HE says comes to pass and it is always for the good.

And if we are to view it in another perspective of creation, GOD created heaven and earth which signifies the life in heaven and the one on earth. If we say life is beautiful, it means that the creator of Life has something to offer than life. HE is more than the beauty of the Life we so much adore and desire. And to buttress it all, all that we see and call beautiful are results or manifestation of the spoken Words of GOD and this ultimately means that the beauty of Life lies in the source that birthed it; and the source is the Word and the Word is also GOD . . .

The Beauty of Life lies in GOD. The Beauty of Life is GOD HIMSELF.

Peace To The Wise!


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