Redesigning For Change Of Nurture . . .

I wrote about GOD’s anatomy of man but I must admit that I was not so thorough in my details.

But recently, something came into my mind like a prayer request and it is that GOD should reset or redesign my system in tandem to HIS purpose and schedule for my life. Which means that I want to wake when HE wants me to wake and sleep whenever HE desires me to do so.

And this cannot happen unless my nurture is as a result of HIS care and fathering. HE must father me in a different manner to that of the fatherings I have been receiving from my father, mentors, disciplers and “fathers of faith”. HE must be the one instituting deeds and actions in my life; allowing me to fall and make mistakes that I may be perfect in HIM.

Nature and nurture must not be contradictory! When we receive the nature of the redeemed man, nurture of the redeemed man must be present in order to facilitate the wholesomeness of the redeemed man. The GOD’s anatomy of man in view is that of the man GOD recognised his nature as HIS own. And as vague as it seems, it cuts through every known facet of life imaginable and unimaginable.

When GOD wants a man, HE wants him totally- in both nature and nurture.

Peace To The Wise!


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