Non-profit: Non-Monetary

I am a lover of non-profit or not-for-profit organizations but somwthing dropped into my heart some weeks ago about what we really mean by saying one organization is not meant for profit for the main goal of all organizations is to make profit in one manner or the other. Then it did not take me time to figure out that due to the loss of value in our community, we have devalued everything to money.

So people boast of not doing somethings for money after they must have amassed wealth for themselves. Some also use this same platform to get connections so as to make money; they see non-profit platform as a way of appealing to people as regards what they could have achieved if money were to be involved.

I must say that what we call non-profit organization should be changed to not-money-driven organization for whether a man makes money or not, so far he is doing his duties efficiently and people are blessed by it and blessing others the same way they have been blessed, the man is already a profitable man. Which means that whenever we are given a job to do, doing it for the purpose to be achieved should be the main motivation and not the pay packet that comes at the end of the day/week/month. Our lives collectively and individually should be profit-driven and not monetary-driven.

To cap it all, remember what JESUS said about the Kingdom of GOD: HE said we must first seek it before everything can be added unto us. And the Kingdom of GOD is Peace, Righteousness and Joy in the HOLY SPIRIT. So ensuring these three is the first thing that we should labour towards before HE can give us what we desire. And the same should go for our daily and social lives: we must first seek to achieve the organization’s goal and objectives before what is promised comes as a default. Our lives are profit-driven and substituting profit solely for money is what has devalued stewardship both in the Church and the Nations.

Peace To The Wise!


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