HOLY SPIRIT Teaches All Things . . .

Just last week, I was conversing with my Oga-AWED and he told me about how GOD wanted him to not attend any secular education apart from his secondary education.

That got me thinking about the epistle of john to the Church about allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to teach them all things . . . The “all” was not basically for the Christian issues alone but all things; be it spiritual or social.

They call it world education so what about the KINGDOM Education I.e. education according to the Word of GOD that is responsible for cultivating the KINGDOM Culture . . . Now, I also understand why the Priests and the Pharisees were amazed at the words coming out of the mouth of JESUS’ disciples because they were not educated people in their sight. Their teacher was the HOLY SPIRIT that illuminated their hearts and made them knowledgeable in the things that were unclear to them.

So now I am starting to incline to the truth that whatever I need to do can be taught to me by the HOLY SPIRIT if I am willing and patient enough to wait for and upon HIM. This seems vague and unrealistic but I am convinced bt reason of belief that it is “The Way” . . . For it is not by power, might or wisdom of this world but HIS Love, Power and Sound Mind (Wisdom).

Peace To The Wise!


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