Renewal of The Heart . . .

As I was reading about the heart and how it works I discovered it is the same with happens in our fellowship/communion with the HOLY SPIRIT.

It is as we go out doing what the FATHER business that stains of this world cling to our hearts and minds and only the blood of JESUS that is served free on the communion table that will serve as a cleansing for us after we have come back from executing HIS Kingdom.

As we encounter different issues during our expeditions, we come back to the presence of the LORD for illuminations on these issues so that our mind can think accurately whenever such issues present themselves again . . . As the circulation of the blood in and out of the heart, so is our walk with GOD. When we go out, it is mainly to work with HIM but when we come back to fellowship with HIM, it is like walking before HIM so that HE can behold/inspect us in order to see what has gone wrong with us and profer a definite solution.

Peace To The Wise!


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