Master and Servant . . .

master and servant

When JESUS was telling HIS Disciples that the servant is not higher than the master which is appropriately interpreted that the Disciples’ perfection is to be just like JESUS and nothing further . . .

But it is not the same with relationships we experience between the servants and masters of this world. Many servants upon gaining freedom from their masters thrive more and are more successful than their masters.

And I perceive that some masters could possibly hold on to the fact that JESUS was quoted to said that a servant cannot be more than his master . . . I perceive this statement is only between our discipleship relationship with CHRIST for whether one is a slave/servant or a master, we are all equal before GOD.

It should even be a thing of enormous joy that someone whom GOD had made to be under our tutelage is even thriving better than we do . . . JESUS even told the Disciples that they shall do more signs and wonders than HE had done. Which attests to the truth that whatever GOD has instructed us to do is the same with whatever GOD instructed another to do so far they are both obeying GOD to detail. The magnitude of the works can mean something to men but it is always the same to GOD.

So doing more works than one’s earthly master GOD has assigned us to may basically mean that the works have increased more than in the days of our earthly masters. So no servant should boast of doing more works than his servant and no master must short change/limit GOD’s grace over his servant because he is afraid of being under the shadow of the same servant.

Peace To The Wise!


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