Fear Of Being Broke: Hindrance To Fulfilment


There is a common method of staying unbroke by many people and this method is that you should not quit your job if you do not have a sure and continuous source of income.

It is an ideology that has kept many people from moving forward to their purposed destination. The fear of thinking about how to manage the resources they have after leaving the former job. Many has forsaken faith by replacing it with calculations and forecasts; they are afraid of the unknown and unseen future. They forget so easily that so far GOD is on your side or you are really doing the right thing, you will be settled in any issue that tends to worry the mind . . .

The fear of being broke is what makes many stay on the path of unrighteousness even though they are quite aware of what they are doing. The fear of being broke is what makes one choose the better over the best because the best is only going to take from you rather than add to you. It is the fear of being broke that makes a man chase after ambition when his life-purpose stares him in the face . . .

The fear of being broke is like the love of money itself . . . It is the root of all evil whether it is benign or obvious!

Peace To The Wise!


Empty Empire

empty empire

Empire seems to be a very important word to use in any context and anyone associated with the word is always seen as great or important.

The real question is ‘what makes up an empire?’ To many, empire is a monumental edifice someone was able to build during his lifetime; to some, it is how multinational a business becomes from its onset till the present time; to some, it is even the amount of members and outreach a particular religious sect has been able to acquire.

But all these are just the superficial aspects of what an empire entails in the whole essence. An empire is supposed to be a transgenerational endeavour that crosses across race and generations and even religion. An empire is supposed to be an aggregate of many processes independently at first and then collectively for a common but greater goal than what each individual would have achieved independently.

Many people have built what they term as an empire but whenever they are no more, the same empire becomes empty and desolate. How is it possible for an empire so great to become desolate in no time? The reason is that whenever one entered the empire when it was, the first they encountered was the man of the empire. When a man centres himself as the pillar of an empire, it is a matter of time for the empire to crumble because no one will physically live forever.

The transgenerational status of an empire can only be ensured by making it about others and not one alone. If you build people instead of an empire, you are already building an empire not in the material or physical but in the hearts of men. What you stand for will definitely live on till you die and even way beyond your death. The only empire I choose to recognise and cherish is the one that has its bits and pieces (or mini-versions) in the hearts of men so that as they come together in twos and mores, more can be done to enforce, promote and protect posterity.

An empire that does not make people its component parts is an empty empire held together by a man who hired hirelings for the sake of making a name without any wise thought of posterity. When he is no more, the building will crumble like the holding elements have been washed away at once, and at the most, what will be left is an empire void of posterity because the people left behind are only functioning for the sole purpose of survival . . .

JESUS is a perfect example of a man who built HIS empire in the hearts of men!

Peace To The Wise!

Conquering To Save . . .

It is quite a contradiction when JESUS said HE had conquered the world and when HE proclaimed to be the saviour of the same world . . .

HIS walks and works among the people of the same world showed that the conquering HE was talking about was that of the heart and the saving was that of the spirit and soul . . . Those who follow HIM were first convinced in their heart before HE could actually take deeper than the superficial.

This is the same for believers in this present time: we must first conquer people before we save them. Our lives must make them to be convinced and try to emulate our lifestyle and it is then our responsibility to teach (save) them and make them fit into the new life they are convinced of . . .

The battle is between the prince of this world and the High Priest in heaven and the spoils of the battle is the people of the world involved. But unlike the system of this world, spoils to JESUS are the people HE desires to save . . . JESUS conquers to save while satan conquers to destroy. The conquering side depends on who the subject of war inclines his heart to; which is why we must win the hearts of men before we can save them.

Peace To The Wise!

Fool Applies Knowledge Too . . .

I have always endeavour to make my views ans opinions subservient to the Bible which is the accurate reference of the WORD of GOD. Whatever I think must be screened by the Spirit or the WORD of GOD.

In view of this, I discovered something concerning who a fool is . . .and I realised that everyone is knowledgeable up till the point of his exposure and it is what he uses this knowledge for that determines his foolishness wisdom.

From Books of Psalms and Proverbs, I realise that a fool is not only someone who is ignorant or lack knowledge but also someone who uses his knowledge in the wrong manner; he may get results that gratifies his desire or that people can see and hail him for, but so far the use of the knowledge is not for the original design or for the good of others as it is supposed to be, it is foolishness . . .

So there are many successful people who are foolish but people see them as wise ones. Wisdom celebrates the truth while foolishness paraded as wisdom celebrates results.

Knowledge is everywhere but wisdom can only be found in the establishment of the TRUTH as revealed by the WORD of GOD.

“Am I really utilising the knowledge I have for the right cause it was originally designed for?” that should be the wuestion in the hearts of people who have taken their time to garner/gather knowledge.

Peace To The Wise!

Charity From The Abundance Of The Heart . . .

JESUS said “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” and it is true but what is false is when people give out of the abundance of what they have and call it charity or a display of love and compassion. Because the same JESUS that said this about the heart also acknowledged the gesture of a poor widow who gave the “only little” she had in the temple.

This proves absolutely that love or charity is expressed out of the abundance that is in your heart and the abundance if material one possesses. In truth, love/charity is best seen and appreciated by GOD (may not be celebrated by man) when the lover gives out of the insufficiency of his minute but precious possession but the one who gives out of the things he is willing to dispose is no more than someone who is tired of what he has . . .

Sacrifice is not sacrifice if there are no options that seem to benefit you more than the choice of sacrifice. Sacrifice is not giving out of the many you have but giving out the little or only thing you have so that another can be blessed from it . . . When it comes to sacrifice, it is all about the recipient and not the donor!

Peace To The Wise!

Holding The Fort . . .

**Many reforms; new laws; strange beliefs; false versions of the truth; profound falshood; technological advancement; accurate but invalid imitation of GOD’s creation ability. . .**

The world is becoming almost inhabitable for the sons and daughters of GOD; many are on the path of compromise and apostacy; doing what the FATHER instructed them to do but not according to specifics . . . Everything is changing dramatically as the prophets and JESUS foretold it. GOD is becoming a screened word in many literature and even the people of GOD see nothing wrong in conforming to this anomaly.

Who will hold the fort till JESUS comes the second time? How many will HE see as a mirror-version of HIM when HE comes?

Amidst all these social and technological advancements, we must be aware and be careful not to be carried away; amidst all the sweet and seductive humanism of nations, we must not forget the principles of the KINGDOM of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT. The evolution of man is mutually exclusive to the WORD of the FATHER in Heaven so let no man convince/confuse you about changing with the tides. The tides of this world is a wind that takes you away from JESUS if you let it . . . The tide would only be strong as whirlwind if you permit it . . . So look unto JESUS-The Author and The Finisher of Our Faith and you will never sink in the stormy seas of the world.

“Hold The Fort For I Am Coming” JESUS signals still . . . We must wave the answer back by saying “By HIS Grace We Will!”

Peace To The Wise!

GOD’s Will-Already Done!

GOD is never threatened by our choice of keying to HIS Will or not so that HIS glory can manifest . . .

The truth that we are born into this world is already a manifestations of HIS glory; no matter how one is born, whether in or out of wedlock or due to any mischief done against one’s mother or father, it is GOD’s Will that that particular offspring should come to thi world at that particular time.

The truth that plants and animals are on earth is a perfect and accurate portrayal that GOD’s Will is already in existence whether man chooses to be part or not . . . Come to think of it, HE created all these before HE created which suggests that GOD’s plan to include man in HIS Will is not for the fact that man is indispensable but because HE loved HIM so much before and after he fell . . .

GOD’s Will for everyone is already written but whether we choose to abide by HIS will or not, HIS glory shall be manifested . . . So GOD’s Will for a man is a gesture of love that will make him be at the positive receiving end of the glory of GOD. HIS Will is the Way of Life to be part of the joy that comes out of the HIS glory . . .

Peace To The Wise!