Sharp Contrast is The Balance . . .

As I was trying to find a picture to upload for my previous post “Master and Servant”, I was shocked as all the images I see are provoking and too sexual for the search directory I entered into google search engine . . . I had to add “biblical” to my search before I could see an archaic picture that could suffice for the post.

And it makes me wonder, is it so bad that we have to make sharp contrast before we reach the balance we desire in our minds? Even the search results after adding “decent” before I later resulted to the productive results was nothing to reckon with . . .

Which affirms the truth that in the world where there is a sheer display of opposition to the things of GOD and HIS Kingdom, a sheer display of GOD’s principles is the only thing that can maintain balance even as we interact with this world.

Trying to reach any compromise would definitely lead to trespass into the darkness from the world . . . GOD is not calling us into shades of white or black but into sharp distinction between black and white. HE is indeed Binarial. . .!

Peace To The Wise!


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