String Is Always Attached . . .

I have heard many people say it is better to do things with no strings attached and they always assess people on the motive of their benevolence or help . . .

This is in every way true but there is no such thing as no strings attached for a motive be it good, selfless or bad is a string on its own.

So the question is “what is his/her string for embarking on a project or for helping another fellow?” There is no such thing as doing something for no reason because it is the motive that serves as the strings that attached us to doing something . . .

So let no man put another in debt by counting on the deeds he had done in the favour of the same fellow by claiming he gained nothing in the process. Even the joy that one had helped another without collecting any material reward is a reward on it own. The realization that you helped another and the deed gave you a peace of mind is a reward on its own . . . So let no man hold another man to ransom on the basis of “no strings attached” . . .

Peace To The Wise!


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