Teaching Succeeds Inspiration . . .

Inspiration is never complete without teaching or education . . .

But some people have made a venture around motivating and inspiring people without taking the responsibility of putting them through concerning what they are inspired about . . .

Your life may be an inspiration to people but it is your responsibility to put them through what they desire or aspire to be. He who desires to be an inspirer must also desire to be a teacher/educator/coach.

If your experience in life is an inspiration to many, you must also take them deep beyond your experiential level to the principle level that metamorphosize up to the same experiential level. Because even the HOLY SPIRIT is both an inspirer and a teacher: HE opens the eyes of our hearts through revelation and guide/teach us how to realise the revelations that got us fired up. HE would not just activate our energy and leave us, HE will stay with us and put us through the direction we need to deploy or use the energey that has brewed up in us.

What makes people clamour to be an inspirer but shy away from the responsibilities of being a teacher is because being an inspirer has its perks and benefits even with little or no effort from the inspirer while being a teacher involves offering one’s self for the benefit of others; building lives instead of building reputation or acquiring wealth . . .

Peace To The Wise!


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