GOD’s Will-Already Done!

GOD is never threatened by our choice of keying to HIS Will or not so that HIS glory can manifest . . .

The truth that we are born into this world is already a manifestations of HIS glory; no matter how one is born, whether in or out of wedlock or due to any mischief done against one’s mother or father, it is GOD’s Will that that particular offspring should come to thi world at that particular time.

The truth that plants and animals are on earth is a perfect and accurate portrayal that GOD’s Will is already in existence whether man chooses to be part or not . . . Come to think of it, HE created all these before HE created which suggests that GOD’s plan to include man in HIS Will is not for the fact that man is indispensable but because HE loved HIM so much before and after he fell . . .

GOD’s Will for everyone is already written but whether we choose to abide by HIS will or not, HIS glory shall be manifested . . . So GOD’s Will for a man is a gesture of love that will make him be at the positive receiving end of the glory of GOD. HIS Will is the Way of Life to be part of the joy that comes out of the HIS glory . . .

Peace To The Wise!


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