Holding The Fort . . .

**Many reforms; new laws; strange beliefs; false versions of the truth; profound falshood; technological advancement; accurate but invalid imitation of GOD’s creation ability. . .**

The world is becoming almost inhabitable for the sons and daughters of GOD; many are on the path of compromise and apostacy; doing what the FATHER instructed them to do but not according to specifics . . . Everything is changing dramatically as the prophets and JESUS foretold it. GOD is becoming a screened word in many literature and even the people of GOD see nothing wrong in conforming to this anomaly.

Who will hold the fort till JESUS comes the second time? How many will HE see as a mirror-version of HIM when HE comes?

Amidst all these social and technological advancements, we must be aware and be careful not to be carried away; amidst all the sweet and seductive humanism of nations, we must not forget the principles of the KINGDOM of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT. The evolution of man is mutually exclusive to the WORD of the FATHER in Heaven so let no man convince/confuse you about changing with the tides. The tides of this world is a wind that takes you away from JESUS if you let it . . . The tide would only be strong as whirlwind if you permit it . . . So look unto JESUS-The Author and The Finisher of Our Faith and you will never sink in the stormy seas of the world.

“Hold The Fort For I Am Coming” JESUS signals still . . . We must wave the answer back by saying “By HIS Grace We Will!”

Peace To The Wise!


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