Charity From The Abundance Of The Heart . . .

JESUS said “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” and it is true but what is false is when people give out of the abundance of what they have and call it charity or a display of love and compassion. Because the same JESUS that said this about the heart also acknowledged the gesture of a poor widow who gave the “only little” she had in the temple.

This proves absolutely that love or charity is expressed out of the abundance that is in your heart and the abundance if material one possesses. In truth, love/charity is best seen and appreciated by GOD (may not be celebrated by man) when the lover gives out of the insufficiency of his minute but precious possession but the one who gives out of the things he is willing to dispose is no more than someone who is tired of what he has . . .

Sacrifice is not sacrifice if there are no options that seem to benefit you more than the choice of sacrifice. Sacrifice is not giving out of the many you have but giving out the little or only thing you have so that another can be blessed from it . . . When it comes to sacrifice, it is all about the recipient and not the donor!

Peace To The Wise!


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