Conquering To Save . . .

It is quite a contradiction when JESUS said HE had conquered the world and when HE proclaimed to be the saviour of the same world . . .

HIS walks and works among the people of the same world showed that the conquering HE was talking about was that of the heart and the saving was that of the spirit and soul . . . Those who follow HIM were first convinced in their heart before HE could actually take deeper than the superficial.

This is the same for believers in this present time: we must first conquer people before we save them. Our lives must make them to be convinced and try to emulate our lifestyle and it is then our responsibility to teach (save) them and make them fit into the new life they are convinced of . . .

The battle is between the prince of this world and the High Priest in heaven and the spoils of the battle is the people of the world involved. But unlike the system of this world, spoils to JESUS are the people HE desires to save . . . JESUS conquers to save while satan conquers to destroy. The conquering side depends on who the subject of war inclines his heart to; which is why we must win the hearts of men before we can save them.

Peace To The Wise!


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