Empty Empire

empty empire

Empire seems to be a very important word to use in any context and anyone associated with the word is always seen as great or important.

The real question is ‘what makes up an empire?’ To many, empire is a monumental edifice someone was able to build during his lifetime; to some, it is how multinational a business becomes from its onset till the present time; to some, it is even the amount of members and outreach a particular religious sect has been able to acquire.

But all these are just the superficial aspects of what an empire entails in the whole essence. An empire is supposed to be a transgenerational endeavour that crosses across race and generations and even religion. An empire is supposed to be an aggregate of many processes independently at first and then collectively for a common but greater goal than what each individual would have achieved independently.

Many people have built what they term as an empire but whenever they are no more, the same empire becomes empty and desolate. How is it possible for an empire so great to become desolate in no time? The reason is that whenever one entered the empire when it was, the first they encountered was the man of the empire. When a man centres himself as the pillar of an empire, it is a matter of time for the empire to crumble because no one will physically live forever.

The transgenerational status of an empire can only be ensured by making it about others and not one alone. If you build people instead of an empire, you are already building an empire not in the material or physical but in the hearts of men. What you stand for will definitely live on till you die and even way beyond your death. The only empire I choose to recognise and cherish is the one that has its bits and pieces (or mini-versions) in the hearts of men so that as they come together in twos and mores, more can be done to enforce, promote and protect posterity.

An empire that does not make people its component parts is an empty empire held together by a man who hired hirelings for the sake of making a name without any wise thought of posterity. When he is no more, the building will crumble like the holding elements have been washed away at once, and at the most, what will be left is an empire void of posterity because the people left behind are only functioning for the sole purpose of survival . . .

JESUS is a perfect example of a man who built HIS empire in the hearts of men!

Peace To The Wise!


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