Fool Applies Knowledge Too . . .

I have always endeavour to make my views ans opinions subservient to the Bible which is the accurate reference of the WORD of GOD. Whatever I think must be screened by the Spirit or the WORD of GOD.

In view of this, I discovered something concerning who a fool is . . .and I realised that everyone is knowledgeable up till the point of his exposure and it is what he uses this knowledge for that determines his foolishness wisdom.

From Books of Psalms and Proverbs, I realise that a fool is not only someone who is ignorant or lack knowledge but also someone who uses his knowledge in the wrong manner; he may get results that gratifies his desire or that people can see and hail him for, but so far the use of the knowledge is not for the original design or for the good of others as it is supposed to be, it is foolishness . . .

So there are many successful people who are foolish but people see them as wise ones. Wisdom celebrates the truth while foolishness paraded as wisdom celebrates results.

Knowledge is everywhere but wisdom can only be found in the establishment of the TRUTH as revealed by the WORD of GOD.

“Am I really utilising the knowledge I have for the right cause it was originally designed for?” that should be the wuestion in the hearts of people who have taken their time to garner/gather knowledge.

Peace To The Wise!


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