Fear Of Being Broke: Hindrance To Fulfilment


There is a common method of staying unbroke by many people and this method is that you should not quit your job if you do not have a sure and continuous source of income.

It is an ideology that has kept many people from moving forward to their purposed destination. The fear of thinking about how to manage the resources they have after leaving the former job. Many has forsaken faith by replacing it with calculations and forecasts; they are afraid of the unknown and unseen future. They forget so easily that so far GOD is on your side or you are really doing the right thing, you will be settled in any issue that tends to worry the mind . . .

The fear of being broke is what makes many stay on the path of unrighteousness even though they are quite aware of what they are doing. The fear of being broke is what makes one choose the better over the best because the best is only going to take from you rather than add to you. It is the fear of being broke that makes a man chase after ambition when his life-purpose stares him in the face . . .

The fear of being broke is like the love of money itself . . . It is the root of all evil whether it is benign or obvious!

Peace To The Wise!


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