Efforts and Blessings

What is the reward of effort?-Blessings?

I humbly disagree!

Haven’t you heard that the reward of work is more work? No?!

Many people would disagree and affirm that the reward of work is blessings; convenience and luxury but there is a clear distinction between convenience/luxury and blessing. Blessing is more of an empowerment through provision of resources in order to be more responsible in a particular circle of influence.

The more your effort, the more the blessings you get; the more blessings you get, the more the work you get in return. . . it is like a cycle of events which can be likened to moving in a spring-like form upwards or forward; you are moving in a similar form but in each subsequent stage, the stakes are higher.

At least that is my own human perspective . . .

In GOD’s perspective efforts and blessing cannot be separated. Many people come to GOD hoping that HE would bless their hustles, hassles, or efforts but what HE wants is that the efforts of every man be embodiment of blessings.

The truth is that if whatever you do is a result of your relationship with GOD, you are already a blessed man. Any opportunity to please GOD is blessing in its entirety. You do not need to come to GOD so that HE can bless what you think is good; stay with HIM and your effort will be blessing in itself.

Peace To The Wise!


The Shepherd is a Lion!

I wrote in one of my previous posts that sharp contrast is the absolute balance if there is anything called balance in walking with GOD because the systems driving this world are by an infinite gap parallel to the Creator of the same world.

I was also remembered of this truth today as I was thinking of posting this afternoon. In a TV programme I was watching sometimes ago, a man made a bold declaration that if you do not have the Lion’s Heart, you cannot have the Lion share and that makes me wonder about the identity of JESUS as a LION and the SHEPHERD and the believers as Sheep led by the same SHEPHERD who is also a LION.

Then I realised that JESUS is not a LION in order to torment HIS Sheep but to keep them safe from themselves and from the beasts and wolves that are lurking around the corner of the shadow of death and being the SHEPHERD is mainly for guiding the Sheep as they graze the true path to the HUSBANDMAN.

So when HE says HE overcame the world, HE was talking about the systems that are in place to bring leanness of soul to the Sheep and the principalities and powers that authored them; when HE said HE had saved the world, HE meant the people who are being driven by these systems. Even when HE turns on us as a LION, it is to destroy the remnants of the world’s systems that we have embodied and would not let go.

This same analogy of CHRIST is applicable to any man who desires to lead a life worthy of emulation and of praise to the LORD; a life that is taken control of by the HOLY SPIRIT.

Peace To The Wise!

Dynamics and Productivity

If you look beyond the exterior of a machine/machinery, you will find out that there is so much going on inside than what meets the eye on the outside. A layman would conclude that the machine is just a whole rigid system working solely just to bring out what is demanded of it . . .

But to the man given to understanding, it is evident by the way of investigation that there is more to that seemingly rigid system on the inside that meets the eye. Evidently, there are multiple components and systems that work together to achieve a single purpose the layman is seeing.

And in application to the real life, man has forgotten that whenever any of his systems shut down on the inside, everything goes out of balance and there is upset in the entire body. The society has forgotten that a man has something to contribute when given a fair chance of expression and that a society is like a megasystem that is comprised of multiple systems working together to portray an image to other neighbouring societies.

Man has forgotten that his spirit soul and body are not just separate entities that act whenever different scenarios come up; that spirituality, sociality and physicality all work together to form a complete man. The Church has forgotten that as a body of CHRIST, we are meant to edify each other with the gifts GOD has blessed us with.

It is this dynamics that will ensure productivity in every strata of life . . . How will man, society or church divided against himself be productive when he has abandoned the basis of productivity – Dynamics!

Peace To The Wise!

Open Your Mind; Guard Your Heart . . .

There is this interface between man and his environment (especially others of his own species) that must be viewed critically if one wants to live a fruitful and fulfilled life according to design. And it is the tripartite interface between the heart of a man, his mind, and his environment.

The mind being the media in this tripartite interface is responsible for the to and fro movement of knowledge and information between the heart and the environment and according to its name, it has judgements base on its own assessment. And naturally, it responds to the environment’s input base on its capacity to process and gives feedback.

But the heart is a more distilled part of this interface in that it takes in knowledge and information and process them to their core in order to get to the basics of the input before an output is provided. The heart is the centre of intention; the essence of man himself which is why it is imperative that it rules the mind which has a peripheral approach to the input though it may sometimes sound profound and reasonable to a large extent.

The best way to make fruitfulness out of this interface is when there is no to and fro movement between the mind and the environment alone i.e. when information or knowledge garnered by the mind from the environment is allowed to be processed by the heart first before passing through the mind on the way back to the environment as an output (response). The work of the heart is to process while the mind administers whatever the heart has processed adequately.

The heart is guarded by acceptance of what is pure and rejection of what is not before the mind can be opened for intake from the heart and out-letting it to the environment. The heart operates at a spiritual level for the word spoken by any man is a spirit but the real question is whether the word spoken takes root from the Spirit of GOD or the opposite.

Actually, the first input is from the environment to the heart and the output is from the mind to the environment: it’s a cycle of some sort; a continuous feedback between a man and his environment.

Peace To The Wise!