Dynamics and Productivity

If you look beyond the exterior of a machine/machinery, you will find out that there is so much going on inside than what meets the eye on the outside. A layman would conclude that the machine is just a whole rigid system working solely just to bring out what is demanded of it . . .

But to the man given to understanding, it is evident by the way of investigation that there is more to that seemingly rigid system on the inside that meets the eye. Evidently, there are multiple components and systems that work together to achieve a single purpose the layman is seeing.

And in application to the real life, man has forgotten that whenever any of his systems shut down on the inside, everything goes out of balance and there is upset in the entire body. The society has forgotten that a man has something to contribute when given a fair chance of expression and that a society is like a megasystem that is comprised of multiple systems working together to portray an image to other neighbouring societies.

Man has forgotten that his spirit soul and body are not just separate entities that act whenever different scenarios come up; that spirituality, sociality and physicality all work together to form a complete man. The Church has forgotten that as a body of CHRIST, we are meant to edify each other with the gifts GOD has blessed us with.

It is this dynamics that will ensure productivity in every strata of life . . . How will man, society or church divided against himself be productive when he has abandoned the basis of productivity – Dynamics!

Peace To The Wise!


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