The Shepherd is a Lion!

I wrote in one of my previous posts that sharp contrast is the absolute balance if there is anything called balance in walking with GOD because the systems driving this world are by an infinite gap parallel to the Creator of the same world.

I was also remembered of this truth today as I was thinking of posting this afternoon. In a TV programme I was watching sometimes ago, a man made a bold declaration that if you do not have the Lion’s Heart, you cannot have the Lion share and that makes me wonder about the identity of JESUS as a LION and the SHEPHERD and the believers as Sheep led by the same SHEPHERD who is also a LION.

Then I realised that JESUS is not a LION in order to torment HIS Sheep but to keep them safe from themselves and from the beasts and wolves that are lurking around the corner of the shadow of death and being the SHEPHERD is mainly for guiding the Sheep as they graze the true path to the HUSBANDMAN.

So when HE says HE overcame the world, HE was talking about the systems that are in place to bring leanness of soul to the Sheep and the principalities and powers that authored them; when HE said HE had saved the world, HE meant the people who are being driven by these systems. Even when HE turns on us as a LION, it is to destroy the remnants of the world’s systems that we have embodied and would not let go.

This same analogy of CHRIST is applicable to any man who desires to lead a life worthy of emulation and of praise to the LORD; a life that is taken control of by the HOLY SPIRIT.

Peace To The Wise!


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