Efforts and Blessings

What is the reward of effort?-Blessings?

I humbly disagree!

Haven’t you heard that the reward of work is more work? No?!

Many people would disagree and affirm that the reward of work is blessings; convenience and luxury but there is a clear distinction between convenience/luxury and blessing. Blessing is more of an empowerment through provision of resources in order to be more responsible in a particular circle of influence.

The more your effort, the more the blessings you get; the more blessings you get, the more the work you get in return. . . it is like a cycle of events which can be likened to moving in a spring-like form upwards or forward; you are moving in a similar form but in each subsequent stage, the stakes are higher.

At least that is my own human perspective . . .

In GOD’s perspective efforts and blessing cannot be separated. Many people come to GOD hoping that HE would bless their hustles, hassles, or efforts but what HE wants is that the efforts of every man be embodiment of blessings.

The truth is that if whatever you do is a result of your relationship with GOD, you are already a blessed man. Any opportunity to please GOD is blessing in its entirety. You do not need to come to GOD so that HE can bless what you think is good; stay with HIM and your effort will be blessing in itself.

Peace To The Wise!


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