Mindset: Language

Have you ever wondered what really happened at Babel? Well, I have a theory 🙂

I think what happened was the shift in mindsets of people. GOD knew that the spirit of man is the same. HE realized that what is necessary to disrupt what the men at Babel were doing was to tweak their minds differently.

The mind is what is necessary for attributing sound and form to what the spirit is trying to communicate through the mouth/the body. Words are not initially words, they are elements of communication of the spirit and the form words take depends on the mindset.

So for a man who has the new Spirit which is a gift from GOD, the mind need to be renewed in order to communicate what the Spirit is saying. So for a man to be said to have the mind of CHRIST, HOLY SPIRIT must be the umpire or the connection between the new Spirit and the old mind in need of restoration. The body is just a vessel that is capable of taking the form of any available communication element.

. . . . . . . . .

One of the things that indicates the growth of a country, is the evaluation and modification of his language-how the language evolves over time due to concurrent use of it . . . So for a country using another country’s language as a medium of communication, development will be hard to realize because they are not operating according to their mindset. At least, a country must be given the liberty to learn ideas and new things in his own language. He might then communicate it in another language.
It is another level of shift of mindset entirely! GOD had already shifted our mindsets so as to avoid unity in disobedience to HIM. Now some countries are shifting other people’s mindset so as to gain control over them.

HOLY SPIRIT is the one that changes the mindset of man to the mindset of GOD (in CHRIST) and for a country to be successful on his own, he must operate base on his original mindset as designed/shifted by GOD.


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