The Old . . . The New

It is quite sad when people follow the way of error knowing fully that the end is not what was in their mind before they set out for the journey. People see death, doom, destruction and despair but instead of turning back to the right way, they prepare themselves so as to withstand these things. Why prepare against what is set to destroy you no matter how you try to avoid or fight it?

Then I realized that it takes a heart that is preserved from the corruption of the old ways to turn and follow the new way the heart has been preserved for. It is only a heart that is preserved by righteousness that can be saved from the way that leads to death and destruction.

For the new to be established, it takes a preserved heart that knows and understands the ways of the old but not corrupted or tainted by it. It is upon these hearts that the foundation of the new shall be established. These preserved hearts are the embodiment of the transition between the old and the new; they live everyday with the future of what the new will look like in their hearts and they began to act like it from now . . .

The old we know and celebrate will soon be obsolete! And that is why the preserved hearts are always viewed to be lunatics or worse because they wail vehemently while we laugh and merry. They know the evil to come and how the old would be no more but we on the other side are to blind to see; we live like every other day will be today.

They cry for that day and what should come of it: levelling of the valleys, lowering of the mountains even as the crooked paths of men are made straight and everybody shall see how perverted his/her way is and how judgement will prevail over all that fail to preserve their hearts for the emergence of the new.

The New is a blessing only to those who are preserved or to the new. The preserved would be glad to start all over again in joy and gladness of heart while the new will navigate effortlessly because the way is already paved.

Peace To The Wise!


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