Claiming or Living?

There are many proclamations in these current days; proclamations that its manifestations never see the daylight. And it is unfortunate that people of this present time do more of it than living in its reality. When we claim what we are to be in CHRIST, people get jeered up and powered up only for the fuel to run dry as fast it is been supplied.

What could possibly be the reason? What could make someone so determined for GOD not do what he claims to do? Some claim to live for GOD while all they do is live for their selves. They claim in GOD but live outside of HIM when the TRUTH states it clearly that life outside GOD is no LIFE at all.

In this new era of charismatic movement, people claim royalty and priesthood but never lived it through the Temple or Kingdom of GOD. They call themselves priests and princes but are using the Temple and Kingdom for a business that is no way near the FATHER’s GENUINE BUSINESS.

** A prince of the Kingdom is first of all interested in doing what is best for the Kingdom. All he always desire from the KING is a chance to work and be of good use in the Kingdom, he is never bothered by what he will eat or drink or wear because all that had already been made available. Even what he needs to execute the work of the Kingdom has already been provided. All he needs is to set out from his chambers and all he needs follow him by default. He never forgets the Sceptre of righteousness the FATHER-KING gave him when he was matured and fit to be called SON-PRINCE. Wherever he goes as directed by the FATHER, peace and joy reign supreme because his authority has its source from righteousness.

He does not make pompous claims in the bid of taking advantage over his acclaimed subjects but rather prefers to starve in order to feed the needy and sacrifice his pleasure time in order to attend to pressing issues. He sees no issue as trivial or insignificant but esteem all issues with respect to how important it is to the people. In the bid of gaining reputation before people, he would not give the people what they want thereby appealing to their vanities [like Absalom] rather, he would minister unto them according to their needs, as stated clearly by the FATHER-KING.

As he is taking care of the needs of the Kingdom, FATHER is noticing and willing to give in folds what he had deliberately forsaken to venture into the FATHER’s issues. Mind you, he is not working for the Kingdom because everything else will be added unto him. He chose to work for the FATHER because of HIS LOVE for the people which is born out of the LOVE he has for the FATHER. He is ready to die for the FATHER without any reward because he knows the FATHER would do so much more out of LOVE.

** Though a prince, he also took upon himself the mantle of priesthood even as the FIRSTBORN of the FATHER-KING did. After performing the works of a prince, he comes to the FATHER and reports all of his adventures and expeditions to HIM. He also relays to the KING the response of HIS people and the states of their hearts. He is always ready to intercede on behalf of the people and plead that the FATHER should have mercy whenever they trespass against the WORD of the KING. He is never moved by the ridicule or suggestions he gets from people even as a priest and prince but always try to mediate peace between them and GOD. He embodies people’s burdens and carries it to the FATHER in prayer and supplication. He even asks for forgiveness on their behalf.

That he is a prince and a priest makes him more humble and obedient to the FATHER’s Will. He sees it as an underserving honour to be of use to and loved by the FATHER. All he does at his spare time is never meant to defile his body (Temple) but refines and edify it. He never gives himself to activities that will make him loose his mind and keep him from making the righteous judgment and decisions. Everything he does is in bid to make him available for the FATHER’s use. If the body is damaged, how can he work effectively for the FATHER and if defiled, how can he represent himself before GOD who cannot behold impurity . . .?


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