Life and Death; Not Good and Bad!

GOD has given us liberty to choose between LIFE (Tree of Life) and DEATH (Tree of Good and Bad) but the devil has devised a way to make the good seems like LIFE and the bad like DEATH so that no matter what we choose, DEATH will be the end result.

But aren’t most doctrines founded based on the conditions of the society and not on the LIFE that JESUS makes available? Romans 8: 7-8

Aren’t we leaning on our own understanding [which was what we allowed satan to reduced us to in the Garden of Eden] to reason and make decisions on the matters pertaining to GOD’s Kingdom?

Is Romans 8: 14 just a citation for assurance before men rather than WORDs that must be lived out at every point in time?

*We don’t need the knowledge of what is good and bad! We need the knowledge of GOD that brings LIFE eternally in abundance!


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