Work . . . Don’t Worry!

Nehemiah 4: 1-2, 6

Our mind has the power to make our decisions take possession of our lives. So when a man set his mind on GODly (evidently noble) things, everything else pertaining to him begins to mirror these things. His/her life will function based on the priorities placed on the mind.

So when a man put his mind to worry all the time, everything around him begins to wear him down because he has set his mind to deliberately weigh itself down. But when a man put his mind to noble works, his mind begins to replenish itself and everything around him including his mind begins to function well.

So when you put your mind to work, make sure it is for the GODly things that confers blessings to the people and the environment. Worrying is dangerous but working for wrong reasons is far more dangerous.

Even when at work, there are people or circumstances that would try to ‘seed’ worry into your mind/heart. The counter measure is to keep on putting the mind to working out the positivities/solutions GOD has bestowed upon your heart.

Peace To The Wise!


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