Life . . .

What is the reason for life?

What is the life of man and The Life of GOD?

How did the two connect or relate to one another?

What is the glory of GOD and how is it important to man?

These questions can be simply answered by defining the Glory of GOD as the situation whereby the life of man is defined by [or aligns with] The Life of GOD . . . When the essence of man mirrors the express essence of GOD both in image and in likeness.

The Spirit of GOD is the umpire that facilitates the sync between man and GOD but it is a union that will render the man ‘useless’ to the world he comes from.

Of what value is the life of man then, if he is not yet connected to GOD through CHRIST as directed by The HOLY SPIRIT? To the world I would seem to be alive but to GOD, I am as good as DEAD.

The solution to the life of man is The Life GOD offers . . . The Life that makes HIM who HE is!

The reason for life as designed in the BEGINNING is still the reason GOD is offering HIS Life to us in this present time even till the END.

Peace To The Wise!


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