Artificial Intelligence


What is the purpose of something artificial when there is already a natural that is existing and functioning?

The real truth is that the natural disintegrates or deteriorates in quality and effectiveness as well as strength per time. So the artificial is invented in order to help the natural use less of his energy and yet be more productive than before.

Artificial Intelligence seems like a veritable solution to keep the natural in good shape and it remains one of the highest attainment of man’s invention if not the highest. More success can be realized when the artificial functions in close proximity to the natural . . . Artificial Intelligence is a very productive tool but it is idolatry when it becomes the object in view rather than the tool to attain the object in view.

According to GOD’s original design, the three tiers if intelligence have been given given to man to profit with. According to the same design, the spiritual makes the decision, the natural deals with how the decision shoul be executed while the artificial maintains the continuity/perpetuity of the execution. The effectiveness of these successive interactions can only be according to design if the HOLY SPIRIT is allowed within and upon the person.

It is unfortunate that man do not get to reason like the original design;

It is more unfortunate that man in his fallen state makes another image and revel in its AI beauty rather than seeking GOD to raise him up from the dead.

It is most unfortunate that man despite his seeking GOD for Spiritual Intelligence should make something artificial fr himself and revel in it and the gifts with which he used to make it. Artificial Intelligence is only a tool to make life easier and more productive and not an object or people to focus their attention on for the purpose of furthering their self-desires.

Peace To The Wise!


Spiritual Intelligence


Intelligence is not access to information even though it is almost useless without it; it is actually the ability to maximize or optimize whatever information, tools or resources one is accessible to either for the benefit of himself or his environment/society.

It is also the ability to process information in order to know its usefulness or detriment after which he makes use if the tools available either to harness the potential of the information or deal with its detriment by required means necessary . . . And one of the most important and direct feeder of information for intelligence is emotion.

So, if intelligence deals with the reasoning ability or thinking capacity of a man, how does the spirit comes into play? What is the relevance or connection of the spiritual to/with the intellectual? But as interesting and complicating this issue sounds, it simply boils down to two elements – The WORD of GOD as the information and the HOLY SPIRIT as the embodiment of GOD’s intelligence . . . But unlike natural man, a man full of the Spirit of GOD has the same HOLY SPIRIT as the emotional sensor and receiver.

It is the oneness of the spiritual emotion and intelligence that makes the HOLY SPIRIT processes information and responds instantaneously. The fallen man no longer reason as he should be because he died . . . and deadness is of the spirit. The moment he died, he failed to reason according to GOD’s design and was reduced to thinking more about the perishable things than the things that are eternal . . .

Our natural emotion and intelligence have been given tasks that are not necessarily theirs . . . Man is meant to carry out what has been duly processed in the spirit. Man was not initially wired for the machinations they are given to orchestrate presently. The brain/mind was initially designed to serve as a synergy between the spiritual and the physical; it is not meant to serve as both the source and the synergy.

Now, for a man to go back to that realm, he must submit to the HOLY SPIRIT and activate the same mind in coherence with the mind of GOD . . . and gradually, the mind will be at rest, doing what he was initially designed. A man whose mind is at rest is that man that has yielded his ability to process information either through the WORD of GOD and men to the HOLY SPIRIT. His mind will only be a relater of Spirit-processed intelligence to the body that is meant to realize as actualize it. Selah!

Peace To The Wise!

Talents . . .

“For the Kingdom of Heaven is as a man traveling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his GOODS.

And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and o another one; to every man according to his several ABILITY; and straightway took his journey.”
Mathew 25:14-15

To many people, talent is defined as the innate ability or skill one has . . . But according scripture, the talent in question here is not what we always define it to be. The talent we define is the one GOD gives to everybody according to HIS pleasure; both saints and sinners alike.

According to CHRIST’s parable, talent is more of what is been given to each and every one to profit withal. It is more of what is given to express the capacity and the skill one has according to the will of the LORD.

If the skill or the inborn capacity was the talent, the master would not have given them any talent. Talent is what a man needs to work with or upon to make profit according to GOD’s plan.

So many people have passed away their to another because they think they are too big for it . . . they think highly of themselves more than they should; looking for big opportunities when small ones are all they would need to make profit.

Many preachers would prefer to speak before kings and influential men when GOD requires them to start from teaching children of the gospel. But they would gladly ignore ‘one talent’ because if the ‘five talents’ they are pursuing. A prospective university student would rather opt for medicine because it is an elitist programme even though his ability can only find expression as a Chemist.

As saints, any opportunity to expeess the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT according to HIS leading must not be neglected because there are other bigger opportunities in view. Talents can only become bigger and bigger as each saint grow with the gifts given unto them. Failure to use the innate gifts given to us by GOD, either as men or saints because we conclude that there are no opportunities worthy of the gifts we have is sheer wickedness . . . Whenever an opportunity presents itself in GOD, we must take it and make best use of it for the advancement of GOD’s kingdom.

Let us not be caught in the sevil’s snares because of big-talent mentality. When you start as you should according to your ability, you will follow your own wave of progress as designed by the LORD; coming across bigger talents as you are faithful in the previous talents given to you . . .

If we are pass this level of starting small, we must not let it elude the generations to come. The snare of the devil are meant for the careless and the entitled ones . . . Let us cultivate process rather than opting for sudden big happenings. Sudden happenings must only succeed careful and diligent works that have one underground and mostly unnoticed.

We must take a cue from satan . . . how he desired a throne greater than GOD’s even after GOD had carefully and wonderfully made him with majesty and beauty.

Peace To The Wise!

The Connection That Matters

We always clamour for connections whenever we need to get things done and much emphasis is always laid on it that people feel helpless when they fail to make this connection.

To many, the connection that matters is that connection with that man at the top who seems to have everything going on well . . .

But there is a threesome connection that is based on relationship and it was posited in Ecclesiastes but the reality can be found in the book of Exodus. It is a connection based on relationship rather than what the world system defines as connection because it is not about knowing a man of stature who owns or works in a reputable organization.

This true connection starts from possessing GOD extends to the possession of people . . . As we possess GOD and HE possesses us in return, there will be an unhindered flow of virtues and idea that only can only be sourced from GOD. And as we possess people and they eventually possess us, there will be enormous human resources available for us to execute the ideas that is flowing through us.

It would be a double blessing if the people we possess also have GOD as their possession. In this manner, GOd’s ultimate will will soon be done in no time. It would be that GOd gives the ideas and also gives the people that have the capacity to execute what HE has deposited in our hearts.

The connection that really matters starts from a relationship with GOd and ends with a more cordial relationship with GOD and HIS people . . . A connection that is founded on relationships and strengthened by the same.

It is only this threesome connection that would ensure HIs Glory is the only element that succeeds our engagements on earth . . . If you possess GOD, possess people too but make sure what you use them for are for the benefits of of these same possessions (GOD and men) . . . It is a cord that should not be broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). GOD would give Moses commands (ideas) but Moses would in turn relate the ideas to people like Bezaleel so that what GOD said was able to find expression physically.

But what could happen if there is any disconnect?

1. If a man only connects with GOD without connecting with people, he would almost have an unhindered flow of virtues and ideas and the essence if GOD so much that he could feel it . . . But failure to connect with people would lead to frustration. There is something about man and it is that he must be able to realize physically what he has conceived or conceptualized spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Without people willing to help him translate these things, he would be a frustrated man with so many within him to be brought to life but none or little has found true expression.

2. If a man only connects with people without first starting from GOD or without connecting with HIM at all, he may have things he has concocted in mind that people could help him with and the resources to make it happen but the issue would be the sustainability of what he wants to realize. Without GOD, the best he could do is from the fallen (from GOD’s design) mental state and intellectual state of man; and also to recycle and modify what had been before. Even though he has the capacity to do almost anything imaginable by him, he would never do a new thing locked up in GOD and only those hidden things in GOD that last forever.

* * * *

When a man connects with GOD and men, he has access to GOD’s unlimited hidden and eternal ideas. He also have people that would help him turn these ideas Ito sustainable realities that establish nothing but the Truth that JESUS is.

Peace To The Wise!
H . I . M