FAMILY: The True Model Of A Nation


Proverbs 1: 8-9

Even though the Church that has CHRIST as her Head is designed to determine whatever is going on in the very hearts of nations, GOD has made the attributes and similitude of both Church and nation to be embedded in a singular entity or unit called Family. Just like the cells in the body are the units of important systems like the heart and the brain, so is the family the unit system responsible for mirroring in a miniature manner how the Church and the nations GOD rules and leads to function.

The first chapter of the Book of Proverbs mentions the responsibilities of each member of the family almost in passing but the picture it paints about the family in coherence with national operation could not have been clearer than it is. Each member of the unit has been burdened gracefully with the responsibilities that the success of the unit hinges on without the luxury of overlooking one for the other.

The operations and responsibilities of the family goes thus:


FATHER | Commander.

He is the commander of the unit and whatever he commands or orders must be without too much query on what the commands are meant for or why the commands are given. But he does not just receive or have this autonomy by default. He must have passed through a GODly designed process that would have made him the embodiment or the foundation of what the family is all about or designed to achieve in GOD’s scheme of things. As the foundation, his life determines how the building blocks should be laid.

Just like the family is like the cell-unit of the Church and nation, the man of the family is the nucleus of the family. The stature of the family takes form from him and it is with this Truth the wife and children must choose obey his instructions even if it/he does not make sense in the immediate. If he orders or commands his household, he must do so according to the way of the LORD he has embodied in love and truth: and the rest of the family must have faith in him enough to obey his instructions and follow his examples.


MOTHER | LawMaker

She is the overseer of the unit. But before she could make laws that her household should live by, she needs a deep relationship with the man and a deeper relationship with GOD. This is because whatever she does or whatever laws she makes must be for the purpose of making her household function according to the foundation upon which the household should be built. She is the link between the father of the House and the rest. She maintains integrity of the virtue/nature that flows from the man to the children as well as the servants (if there are any).

She watches over the House like an administrator; making sure the children and every other member of the family are conforming to the will of the Father in Heaven. Even though her relationship with the man sounds like a primary one, there is a higher relationship with the Father in Heaven and it is meant to keep the man of the House in Check. She also holds the elements of the foundation at heart in order to examine the instructions of the man and the conformity of the children.

The law that she makes are meant for seamless and periodical transference or transmission of the stature of the man to the children. She understands the man as much as he is opened to her and simplifies these understandings in manners/ways that the children can best embody the purpose of the family.


CHILDREN | Citizens

They are the outworkings/issues of the family. It is in the lives of the children that the instructions of the man and the laws of the wife can best be appreciated. They are like the fruits of the labours of the man and the wife working together as one.

The man, knowing that sometimes, the children might encounter what is beyond their reasoning or capacity, gives them instructions and knowledge of their identity that would make them to be aware of who they are even when situations are about to overwhelm them. It is the awareness of who they are and the words of their father that would keep them from deviating from their true position and posture wherever they are or in whatever situation they find themselves.

The mother knows that in the outside world, there are countless possibilities and privileges that could present themselves as a better options or there might be opportunities they have the capacity to seize but are not in line with the family foundational values and virtues. It is with this knowledge that she institutes laws that would keep them in check from gulping in the lawless liberties that the world has made available to stray children for the true path. It is also the laws that would refer them back to the knowledge of who they are as proclaimed by the father.

If the children are patient enough to listen and adhere to instructions and laws; if they also pay attention to view the world the way it really is, they would come to realize the burden of identity put upon them by the father is more like a prestigious crown of honour that distinguishes them from the crowd and the yoke laid around their neck is more of a liberty to only do what brings life alone everytime they speak or act. Thy would see that what is upon their heads and around their necks is what makes them special even as they seem so ordinary.

So knowing the father by means of COMMANDMENTS; the mother by means of LAW and functioning through OBEDIENCE in all, every child stepping out of the ARK OF THE LORD into the world would know how to function as a COMMANDER, LAWMAKER and a bona fide CITIZEN. The truth is that they would become an embodiment of the ark from which they are coming out from.

One of the reasons for failure in the Church and the nations originates from each unit called family. If everyone is taught to give commands, make laws in conformity to a system and obey both commands and laws, no one would find it hard to live in any of these noble capacities of being Leader, LawMakers and Citizens.

Unless we all go back to the LORD’s design as regards family and how it’s effectiveness would determine the courses of the Church and nations, our lives would remain the same before GOD who is presently not happy with the way we are living our lives . . .