The UnGODly (II): How To Know Them

Jude 5-8

By their fruits they shall be known . . . The unGodly may try to blend in with the people of God and most even start as being Godly. Both the Godly and unGodly may try as much as possible to keep their fruits from people but they cannot succeed for long . . . As the fruits abound, it would be more difficult to keep it anymore.

Every unGodliness starts with unbelief:

1. Not trusting God at all after revealing Himself
2. Not trusting Him for what He says he will do by taking matters into one’s hand
3. Tempting Him to do what one wants Him to do by all means when He has not said anything or it is not according to His will.

Even though the unGodly claim to believe and has witnessed the testimonies of God’s greatness and faithfulness, dependence on God is not an option. He prefers to make things happen without regards to the express counsel of the LORD.

With unbelief being the root, the unGodly starts to move away from where the LORD had planted him for the season . . . to the unGodly, God is too unrealistic in making His will a reality on earth. Instead of patiently waiting upon the LORD through obedience to His Word, he moves out of his tent in search for superficial tools to make possible what God is supposed to direct towards him.

Whoever leaves God’s position designated for him is also leaving the place of freedom and light to the place of darkness and bondage where the only thing that awaits a man is judgement and destruction. He may achieve many things in his exploits after leaving God’s position but the end will lead to God’s rejection and condemnation.

There is no telling what could befall a man out of the position the LORD has planted him . . . It is only a matter of time that he would begin to exhibit or express all kinds of fruits that only belongs to darkness. Just like being in conformity to the image of CHRIST is a process, the same applies to a man who has turned from CHRIST to tread the path of the unGodly. It might take time for him and people around him to realize he is no more at peace with God.

And because they could no more have access to God, they begin to rebel against God’s authority and counsel because it is generally designed to phase out the unGodly within His sanctuary. This is in the bid to make themselves relevant again . . .

They want to keep their stature but they have lost the status and the darkness in them would strive to make sure they keep it because of its agenda against God’s people. From being agents and carriers of light, they become agents and perpetrators of the works of darkness.




The UnGODly: Who They Are!

Jude 3-4, 11, 24-25

The posture or stature of the unGODly is not necessarily of a person that is ignorant of the idea and personality of GOD. Most times it is of a person who operates in the grace of GOD just for the sake of fulfilling his desires. He shuts it heart from the change the grace of GOD brings from within but he greedily reaches out for the same grace when he is eager to make exploits.

The unGODly is one who enters the fold with an agenda that is contrary to that of the Shpeherd. He proclaims CHRIST but his actions are always against what CHRIST died for . . . He fails to embody GOD’s glory because he has failed to stay under the discipleship of CHRIST through the HOLY SPIRIT.

The UnGODly is given to competition among brethren as he also has monetary or material motive for everything he does in the midst of GOD’s people and naturally rebels against GOD by opposing those who are truly serving GOD with GOD as their motive.

The unGODly no more upholds the faith of CHRIST but that of self and he encourages/teaches others to do the same. He is bold in his declaration and confident in saying whatever evil is in his heart under the cloak of the gospel.

The UnGODly is zealous for cause not because it will portray CHRIST but because it will increase his sphere of influence and paint a certain picture he wants the people to see. He tries to create gray areas in the express and direct counsel of the LORD. To the unGODly, grace is a way of getting away with anything; it is a way to acquire what he has failed to acquire before entering the fold.

The Israelites at one time were unGODly because despite GOD’s wonders and salvation, their utmost desires were far from that of GOD. They were only interested in using GOD to compensate for what they had left behind and to have a better version of the life in Egypt while all GOD was asking them to do is accept the ‘New Life’ HE was offering them; a life that will completely change their nature from that of the UnGODly Egyptians.



Epistle of the Heart

2 Corinthians 3: 2-3

Jesus warned that no one should covet being a teacher. This is because according to Jesus, a teacher is meant to teach the people the ways and laws of God and His Kingdom; expounding mysteries for the sake of facilitating understanding in the hearts of disciples of CHRIST. So if a teacher teaches wrongly, he would be responsible for misleading people and ultimately generations that are yet to exist if the recipients do not unlearn.

If a teacher’s destination is the heart of the people, then we should fear by not taking the responsibility lightly. Most importantly, the heart of a teacher is the first point of notice. His heart would determine what would come out to the people and find place in their hearts. According to Paul’s inspired letter, the teacher’s heart would determine the lifestyle of the learners or students . . . The students’ lives would take form out of the abundance of his heart. The focus would not necessarily be the content of what has been said but the spirit from which the contents emerge from. This is because it is possible to concoct messages and contents according to the calculated mind without giving attention to the heart (the spirit) but this would not stop the heart from releasing its issues with the words that are coming out of the mouth.

What is in the heart/spirit of the teacher? Is it accumulation of experiences and knowledge outside God that has blended with the amount of God’s virtue that is also present? Are the words we speak merely take roots from the letters that have been read and studied cerebrally while the real words are embedded in the spirit that is responsible for voicing these cerebral words out? How come students/learners/disciples tend to do contrary to what the teacher teaches/preaches vehemently?

Although the students are responsible for either rejecting or accepting the spoken words, teachers should nevertheless, always endeavour to speak from the heart that is connected to the heart of the Father in Heaven. The teachers must endeavour to be faithful and devoted students to the Holy Spirit so that He can imprint in and upon their hearts true Words and Laws of God so that when they speak, they speak from the abundance of God in their hearts.

What will exonerate teachers from the shortcomings of the students would be the embodiment of the epistle of CHRIST they have been given to teach or preach . . .