The UnGODly: Who They Are!

Jude 3-4, 11, 24-25

The posture or stature of the unGODly is not necessarily of a person that is ignorant of the idea and personality of GOD. Most times it is of a person who operates in the grace of GOD just for the sake of fulfilling his desires. He shuts it heart from the change the grace of GOD brings from within but he greedily reaches out for the same grace when he is eager to make exploits.

The unGODly is one who enters the fold with an agenda that is contrary to that of the Shpeherd. He proclaims CHRIST but his actions are always against what CHRIST died for . . . He fails to embody GOD’s glory because he has failed to stay under the discipleship of CHRIST through the HOLY SPIRIT.

The UnGODly is given to competition among brethren as he also has monetary or material motive for everything he does in the midst of GOD’s people and naturally rebels against GOD by opposing those who are truly serving GOD with GOD as their motive.

The unGODly no more upholds the faith of CHRIST but that of self and he encourages/teaches others to do the same. He is bold in his declaration and confident in saying whatever evil is in his heart under the cloak of the gospel.

The UnGODly is zealous for cause not because it will portray CHRIST but because it will increase his sphere of influence and paint a certain picture he wants the people to see. He tries to create gray areas in the express and direct counsel of the LORD. To the unGODly, grace is a way of getting away with anything; it is a way to acquire what he has failed to acquire before entering the fold.

The Israelites at one time were unGODly because despite GOD’s wonders and salvation, their utmost desires were far from that of GOD. They were only interested in using GOD to compensate for what they had left behind and to have a better version of the life in Egypt while all GOD was asking them to do is accept the ‘New Life’ HE was offering them; a life that will completely change their nature from that of the UnGODly Egyptians.




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