The UnGodly (III): Struggles and Woes

Jude 12-16

Because the unGodly is no more of God, he struggles to show his worth or relevance but the more he struggles, the more his woes would be. He will acquire at the expense of the people he is meant to lead yet, he will feel empty and insecure. He will say so much but none will stand because he is no more talking in line with God’s will.

For the sake of relevance, he would always try to be what the world has defined as acceptable and success; bearing no fruit for God’s Kingdom because he only struggles to meet up with the standard of the world . . . To GOD, he is no longer a partaker of the Kingdom.

His deeds will only culminate to shame in the end because he is in the dark and his life has become an entity of confusion and unholy controversies.

Still, he tries to master the art of making things work in his favour; using any means necessary to discredit what is righteous by trying to establish the unrighteous standard and promoting ideas that would further his greedy agenda.

He might not be speaking directly against God because of the reputation that has been built over time. Nevertheless, he is always against His faithful messengers. No matter the highness and loftiness of the unGodly, God is keen to put an end to wickedness through His justice and righteousness.

Whatever that does not belong to God will not stand!



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