1Samuel 19:18-24; 22: 1-4; 1Chronicles 11:15-16

After being alone with God and He has set our feet on the path that we must tread, there would always be a *place* assigned. Even though the true place is of the heart of man and of God, there is need for a physical representation where the atmosphere is conditioned by God’s presence.

For David, the place was the Cave of Adullam where he tarried till his people gathered around him for the journey . . . People that were just like him and perhaps worse. What made him their commander was his sense of direction and the provisions he received from God. These were what qualified him to be a leader (someone who has gone ahead to do what others are expected to do).

The place is not a place for those who are not part of one’s journey of leadership . . . The place is where focus is placed on how to successful complete the journey.

Initially, Cave of Adullam was a place for refuge and gathering for David but later turned out to be the place where victory is assured. There is always something special and unique about God’s designated place for a man on the path of leadership.

For Samuel, the place was Naioth in Ramah where Saul and his army prophesied against their wish to capture David and anyone who would dare to defend him. And as a leader like Samuel, David also found his place of refuge, gathering and victory. The True Place is our position in God’s heart and vice versa. And it is our position that facilitates True Victory the LORD desires for everyone.

The place is where grooming begins; where the leader begins to relate to his company what God has given (or relating to) him for the journey yet to be completed. It is where the purpose of God is broken down for the purpose of understanding and most times it must be efficiently backed up by affections.

If you are on the path to leadership, seek GOD’s heart take abode there in, open your heart too and let HIM come . . . Then HE would by HIMSELF lead you that Place HE has prepared for your Refuge, Gathering, Grooming and Victory.



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