1Samuel 24: 3-7; 26:7-12; 2Samuel 1:1-16

The path of leadership God has set for any man is a path that is laden with Honour . . . A leadership that would respect God’s pattern and process as opposed to the shortcuts to achievements that other paths of leadership is making available for those who tread them.

David would have killed Saul twice when he had the chance but he honored the anointing upon him. He was able to put Honour first whenever opportunities presented themselves . . . And this Honour was not initially directed towards men or things but towards GOD. He would not enforce justice on the platter of unrighteousness but rather wait for God’s appointed time when the conditions would be right or when God decided to act.

A Yoruba adage says “A man who embarks on a journey to get money, and finds Honour on the way must retire because when he gets money, Honour is what he would use it to buy”. But to a man on the path of Leadership God sets, Honour is still a means and also an integral part of what would take him to the destination.

When every opportunity (be it conquest or wealth) presents itself to us on the path of leadership, we must Honour God by letting HIM decide what our response should be. Sometimes, God puts situations before and around us to know how much we revere HIM and how much we Honour HIS people no matter their waywardness or unrighteous ways.



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