01 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Introduction

It was no coincidence that JESUS was led into the wilderness for forty days and nights just like the Israelites wander in the same for forty years. And as we all can see keenly, the world we are in is a good example of the wilderness the Israelites and JESUS witnessed. We are in a world where relativity is the order of the day; no more distinct pattern of how things should be according to design and the landmarks set by the Word of GOD are being blurred our by ideologies of unGODly men.

As men who claim to be given to GOD by means of Baptism into His Word and Person, we must go through what JESUS went through and unlike the Israelites, our responses (words and actions) must be exactly as exemplified by CHRIST. Exploits in GOD are only meant for consecrated lives and even before CHRIST came in the flesh, there were people who lived in the reality of His similitude.

Daniel was an example of a consecrated life that journeyed through the wilderness but was untainted or unmarred by its elements. The wilderness of Babylon could not keep him away from the LORD rather it took him closer to GOD as Babylon sought to take him in and far away from GOD. Daniel and his friends walked and worked with GOD (and Nebuchadnezzar) faithfully. Their choices and exploits from the Book of Daniel 1-3 would be our focus as we analyse the life and exploits of Daniel, a Zionist in Babylon.

Stay Tuned!



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