The Expediency of Time

AkinWaleEkunDayo's Blog

Many times the real enemy in life is our understanding of grace. . . that there would always be another opportunity do things right. Unfortunately, it is usually a rude awakening to discover that though grace abounds always, time is a resource that is expendable. It is not impossible for an 80year old to dream running a marathon; still, he or she would have to run it through others.

There are no limits to the power of God’s mercies to turn around an impossible situation. Still, God is justified if He chooses not to intervene in matters for which He adequately made provision and direction available for. If the LORD has a thing in mind concerning you, submit to Him while you still have time and your resistance of the devil will be effective. God’s design has night and day in it; there is no such thing as indefinite dispensation…

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