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The Matter with Zion

If Zion would not change her heart through preventive measures, then The Surgeon will change it by corrective measures . . .



The argument on the state of the church is really not much to debate. Those who understand the times would know that whatever is happening now has been long coming. Somehow, we have tasted the pleasures of the city and the consecration that the mountain of the LORD’s house requires has become too lofty for us to aspire to. Instead for us to humble ourselves and return to the LORD, in humility and fresh devotion to Him, we have been busy mastering the ‘balance’ between the presence of the LORD and fields that produce choice wines.

What is happening in the body of Christ is not unknown to the LORD; His quietness about them is what should spur those with fleshy hearts to repentance and restoration. When the LORD seems quiet, it is dangerous to assume that all is well.

“For so the LORD said to me, “I will take…

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