04 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Result and Truth

Daniel 1: 15 – 21

It is contradictory to realize that what Babylon offered so that it could make Daniel and his friends worthy to stand before kings was not the things that qualified them. The hard truth is that Babylon is no one’s friend – it caters for itself and nothing more! The choicest wine and food was to make the eaters and drunkards dull in spirit and loose focus of what is true and acceptable.

The choicest wine and food was not to make them understood the language and ways of Babylon, it was not meant to make them accept the ways of Babylon as the only way. Because Daniel chose the ways of the LORD, he knew the Way of the LORD by acceptance and understood the ways of Babylon enough to reject it and protect himself from belongs swayed by it in the possible future.

GOD granted them understanding even though they did not accept the culture of Babylon. They received understanding and power needed to navigate their way through the tide instead of allowing it to take them to the destination GOD detests.

In reality, the wave of the world started from GOD just as the devil was with GOD before the beginning of the world. The devil started this wave when he tricked Adam through Eve and since then, the wave is moving farther and farther away from GOD till it ultimately ends in death. To move smoothly (never without opposition) through this wave back to GOD, our strength must be sourced from the word of GOD that is our unchanging Law!



03 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Proposition

Daniel 1: 9 – 14

Even though personal decisions have been made based on our convictions in the Law of GOD, we must put everyone around us at rest, especially those who the custodians of Babylon have assigned to us. They must report to the and the report must be a good one to save them from cruelty and unnecessary complications even though we cannot afford to flow with the tide of the world.

This is the time to prove GOD before these people not for the purpose of leaving us alone but for the purpose of making them believe that our trust is not in a dead GOD. This is where works is important after our profession of faith in GOD and His Laws.

Our proposition must never be out of a competitive heart but from a heart that does not want to be marred and changed by the world. This proposition must come from a heart that wants to be fit always in order to be able to serve in GOD’s court and in the epicentre of GOD’s agenda but operating from the courts of men.

The proposition is futile if it does not prove the basis of our decision. So as we decide by faith, our proposition must be by the same faith and it must be kept even till the end. The result of this proposition must relieve us of any complications (not persecution) otherwise, we must either succumb to or weather through the storm of complications and persecutions from the onset. Sadly, this is what is happening to most believers in this wilderness called world.

We must take note that Daniel and his friends did not lay emphasis on the food they decided not to eat and even if they did, it was merely vegetables and water. This goes beyond to say it all about Babylon and Jerusalem (Zion) and not the food.


02 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Food and Language

Daniel 1: 3 – 8


Just like JESUS, Daniel would not let the hunger for food and exotics take him away from GOD. Daniel was captured from Jerusalem and taken to Babylon just as we are born into this world but GOD desires that we triumph over this world of sin by righteousness. And this was what Daniel kept in his heart from his time in Babylon till his dying days.

Babylon is not without its wisdom and cleverness but the Spirit of GOD in us is the embodiment of GOD’s Wisdom that is True and Pure. Babylonian system knew of a fact that what changes a man quickly is food and language. Food, being what opens him up to accept what the food bringer is about to offer next; and the language and literature tends to change the person beyond educating the mind only. It goes beyond curing ignorance to changing the behaviour and way of life of the person.

The most effective of attacks or assaults are the ones the victims accept or succumb to willingly. Just like CHRIST, Daniel’s delight was not in the choice and exotic food and wine of Babylon but in the Word of GOD. Even though he missed the noble and royal food of Judah/Jerusalem, the Word of GOD was his most cherished delicacy and means of communicating to/with the world.

So his decision was to avoid cultural change and stick with the Kingdom culture by making The KING’s Law is delight after all, he was a custodian of the same Law just as we all are as believers in this end time.



01 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Introduction

It was no coincidence that JESUS was led into the wilderness for forty days and nights just like the Israelites wander in the same for forty years. And evidently as we all can see keenly, the world we are in is a good example of the wilderness the Israelites and JESUS witnessed. We are in a world where relativity is the order of the day; no more distinct pattern of how things should be according to design and the landmarks set by the Word of GOD are being blurred our by ideologies of men.


As men who claim to be given to GOD by means of Baptism into His Word and Person, we must go through what JESUS went through and unlike the Israelites, our responses (words and actions) must be exactly as exemplified by CHRIST. Exploits in GOD are only meant for consecrated lives and even before CHRIST came in the flesh, there were people who lived in the reality of His similitude.


Daniel was an example of a consecrated life that journeyed through the wilderness but was untainted or unmarred by its elements. The wilderness of Babylon could not keep him away from the LORD rather it took him closer to GOD as Babylon sought to take him in and far away from GOD. Daniel and his friends walked and worked with GOD (and Nebuchadnezzar) faithfully. Their choices and exploits from the Book of Daniel 1-3 would be our focus as we analyse the life and exploits of Daniel, a Zionist in Babylon.

Stay Tuned!




What do you say?

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What do you say of a homeless man? That he is useless because he cannot afford a roof over his head?

What do you say of a destitute lady? That she is valueless because the tides of times dealt her a blow she could not survive?

What do you say of a budding star, whose dreams are shattered because of other people’s decision or indecision? That he or she is without talent or dreams or fortitude enough to bear and weather the storm to success?

Life’s adverse situation are real! People’s insensitivity to each other are real too!

Everyone has something to offer . . . Their times and chances may differ. No one is bereft of value altogether; it pleases the LORD to make it so.

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The True Pentecost

Acts 2:1-13

There is a movement that is not based on mind sentiments but on the true heartset of the HOLY SPIRIT . . . A movement that is not acknowledging a particular issue in our walks with GOD over other issues that are as important. A movement based on the wholesomeness GOD is offering to HIS people as a means of salvation from the old ways.

Many Christians have gone out of the wholesomeness of the Way of Life and only take some paths that seem convenient. So there are many languages spoken in the Church today based on what each faction desires to dwell on when GOD is ready to open us to something better and more rewarding in HIM and also open Himself to us in the same process. Although they are devout people who are holding on what they have been taught faithfully, GOD is saying “there is more to ME only if you can all come together as ONE and take part part in a wholesome relationship with ME.”

This movement is meant to show that these languages (issues/elements) are from the same Spirit of GOD and dwelling on one in particular is like shortchanging our lives. The people GOD is using for this movement are also from diverse mono-language backgrounds but they have seen the light and even in neutrality, they operate in all because they have subscribed to the fullness and oneness the Spirit of GOD offers. They wrought the wonderful works of GOD in any language as the Spirit leads . . . and this is because to HIM, there is only one pure language and HE is the author.

These sets of people are first the miracle . . . and miracle is not what they do but what happens in and through them. Miracle is how much of GOD has replaced the world in us since HE had bought us back with His Blood.  But this will not have happen to them if they are not in ORDER. If POWER and the Spirit of the LORD must reside immensely in us, order on how things should be must be duly adhered to . . . people and things must be in order for the Spirit of GOD to flow without blockage or hindrance. These are the characteristics of these sets of people to whom GOD would put the responsibility of teaching and shepherding His people:

  • They are of one state of mind as related to GOD’s Kingdom and their position in CHRIST.
  • GOD is portrayed through them in a dynamic manner that is not bereft of accuracy and reliability.
  • They will first attract sets of people that are associated with GOD, diligent in their duty from different walks of life because of their versatility both in the Kingdom of GOD and of men.
  • They will shatter stereotypes and shook the very foundation of belief for the purpose of establishing the True belief of the person of CHRIST.
  • They will debunk every notion of exclusivity that makes people believe some people are chosen to be chosen above all others.
  • They will be gathered together from nations, tribes and tongues because their physical location or position or the language they speak would not matter.
  • They will be rounded in utterance . . . they will enjoy liberties of GOD because they operate under a divine identity and culture.
  • Their focus and agenda is GOD’s . . . all their dynamism, efficiency and dexterity point to the greatness and wonders of GOD.
  • Their lives will make people hungry for the knowledge of GOD and these are the people that GOD would have touched their hearts to want to know HIM and understand His ways.
  • In all, they must be prepared because there are some that are already profiting from the old wine and they will do everything in their power to sabotage the goodness resident in the new wine.




Time and Quality

“But beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the LORD one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
The LORD is not slack concerning His promises, as some count slackness, but is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” 2 Peter 3:8-9

Time as we know, is a human factor created by GOD for men to set up span of existence and milestones of achievements so as to know how often one is growing both in ages and in deeds (Psalm 90:12). It is used to study or measure the rate at which we grow or succeed and the sequence as well continuity of events. The question is “how does GOD put value on time?” “How does HE relate time with events and manifestations”?

Right from the Old Testament to the New, it shows that GOD is very particular about events more than HE is about time even though event is a function of time. GOD deals with the manifestation of HIS spoken Word and that is all that matters because in this manifestation, everything would be settled. HE does not work with time but with the way and sequence things are supposed to be.

What GOD really desire is the quality of what is being done . . . this is why 1000 years or 1 day does not really matter to HIM . . . all HE cares about is the quality of what is done during the period. This is why we must be careful about our walk and work with/in GOD. Even though GOD is longsuffering and would wait for thousand years if that is what it would take for HIS vessels on earth to realize whatever is needed for the manifestation of HIS glory, we should endeavour to submit ourselves unto HIM so that HIS Kingdom may reign supreme as soon as possible.

This must also be a warning for everyone who the LORD has given assignments for the enforcement of HIS Kingdom. The LORD has more than infinity to live or to reign on this “soon to be gone” earth but sadly, we do not have all the time in this world for our mortal body is everything but heavenly or eternal. This suggests that our relevance in GOD’s Kingdom is hinged on the quantity of the quality things we have accomplished through our wholehearted obedience to GOD that would determine our state of life in eternity.

There are some conditions that are to be met for GOD to do some certain things but the meeting of these conditions may take days or decades depending on the vessels that are responsible for these deeds . . . the best we can do is to let GOD use our time to bring forth the quality works HE desires to see.

GOD is never slack concerning HIS purpose but men who are failing to embody HIS covenant as agreed on the day of encounter. It is man that lacks the endurance to earnestly hope for GOD’s manifestation because GOD had already done HIS part and HE is waiting patiently for hearts to be inclined towards HIS heart and enduring our shortcomings in hope that we would one day get to where HE wants us to be.

1000days=1day and vice versa because whatever we are meant to realize and actualize had already been settled before time was made to be . . . so what HE is particular about is the sequence and the connection of what is done in eternity that should be evident on earth. GOD wants those who have knowledge understanding of GOD’s heart content and are ready to key themselves into its actualization.