There are many dimensions to defining Truth which is a crucial element that serves as the driving force behind all that we do in life. But in a very simple and clear term, truth can be defined as the reality as it is/should be.

This definition suggests that Truth is a reality i.e. it is real and existing and its dimensions are functions of the questions: What? Who? Why? Where? When? How?

When a question is asked, most times, it has these dimensions of reality embedded within it. Failure to address each dimension accordingly is synonymous to living a lie. So if you provide adequate response to all questions but one, you are already manufacturing a lie even when you do not know it.

The arrangement of these dimensions is dependent on the dynamics of the situation. If the truth is a reality, then everything must be in place for it to be real and it is the complete reality that will always lead to a result that cannot be overturned i.e. (established and sustained).

Little wonder JESUS could not be overturned . . . this is because HE is Truth personified. HE knows all the whats and hows of any condition or situation. As a matter of emphasis, HE is the ONE that factors all these dimensions of reality because they emanated and still emanates from HIM. HE is the reality GOD wants for everyone.

The real nature of Truth is absolute and anything less is falsehood. Homogeneity is what gives Truth its power i.e. intolerance to anything that is not pertaining to its make-up. The potency and sustainability power of the Truth is in the ability to stay as it is in any circumstance – Integrity

So the question needed to be asked is: “What is the relationship between Truth and Diplomacy?”

Diplomacy is explained as negotiation between nations; subtly skillful handling of a situation; and the wisdom in the management of public affairs.

These definitions have been interpreted and used falsely to create or foster false peace that cannot sustainably address the violence that is prevalent in our world today. The first is that Truth is missing because realities are never declared as they are anymore . . . no one sees it as a priority or the need to ensure that the dimensions of reality are addressed with every fabric of integrity.

Every nation only attends to these dimensions of reality based on what they want others to believe. So they deliberately create a false reality. This unwholesome and wicked act is what is now commonly known as diplomacy.

Diplomacy has been refined and redefined by various unwholesome actions so I define it based on these wicked actions as the process of bastardizing the truth in the bid to get the best out of negotiations.

According to the feature of the Truth which is homogeneity, any bastardized Truth cannot be sustained no matter how skillful the bastardization is being done. The skillfulness or wisdom in disseminating knowledge of Truth may either jeopardize or enforce its potency. Sadly, people get it wrong at both levels.

Truly, Diplomacy is simply the wisdom in the sharing or dissemination of the truth without diminishing its potency. If the truth is knowledge or a form of information, diplomacy is the wisdom or skillfulness for passing it across in a way that will reach out to the targeted audience positively even when the Truth is against them. Sometimes, it is best to say the Truth as it is!

Many times, the energy used in distorting the Truth or crafting a lie is the same that should be used in deploying its application strategically. It is double trouble when we try all our possible best to make people accept these lies as the Truth.