The UnGodly (VI): Godly Response To The Doubting Hearts

Jude 22-23

As much as the Godly’s primary duty is to maintain Godliness that is established by the power of God, he is also responsible for bringing those in doubt to that point of assuredness in God by showing them the Truth with gentleness and snatching those who are bound for destruction with every force necessary.

To some, he is meant to portray God’s greatness which is in His abundance of His mercy; thereby establishing a deep reverence for God in their hearts. And if God wills it, He may give him the wisdom to craft out systems and ordinances that would guide the doubting minds and hearts in functioning according to God’s will till they begin to walk with HIM on their own accord.

** It must be noted that Godliness does not care about what people want but the express will of the LORD. Even at that, Godliness must be enforced by God’s wisdom so that people who are meant to live by it would have no excuse for doing otherwise.




The UnGodly (V): Keeping Godliness

Jude 1-2, 20-21

What should the Godly do to prevent him from crossing to the realm of the unGodly?

He must keep on building himself in the most holy faith that stems from meditation in the Word of the LORD and being in communion with God through the Holy Spirit.

The prayers he offers per time should be those that are at the core of the will of the LORD; hoping that what is done in Heaven becomes a reality on earth. It is his faith in CHRIST and prayer for the furtherance of His Kingdom that would keep him in His unfailing love till the very end.

The only assurance to Godliness is constancy of focus on God with no respect to what is happening around. It is the Godly’s most holy faith in God and His Son that shapes his thoughts, intents and actions.